Cannabis Addiction Is Real, but It Doesn’t Come From High Potency Products

Recent media reports have linked problematic pot use to high THC products, but the issue is much deeper and more nuanced than alarming rhetoric suggests. As states across the country continue to embrace medical and adult-use cannabis, and activists advocate for change by claiming the plant can be a substitute for other substances like opioids, media […]

California Considers Legalizing Cannabis Delivery to Towns That Have Banned Dispensaries

Currently, cannabis businesses are only permitted to operate in roughly 144 out of 482 cities in the state. In California, newly proposed regulations would finally provide cannabis access for those living in a county or city with cannabis bans in place. Currently, cannabis businesses are only permitted to operate in roughly 144 out of 482 […]

Republican States Have Become the New Cannabis Legalization Battleground

The fight over ballot measures wages on in Republican states, with increasingly expensive campaigns and signature-heavy petitions calling for recreational cannabis legalization. Conservative states are beginning to get on board with cannabis legalization.    A Gallup poll released last fall found that, for the first time in history, a majority of Republicans (51 percent) support the legalization […]




How Might a More Conservative Supreme Court Impact the Cannabis Industry’s Progress?

Although nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s resume doesn’t include cannabis decisions, his potential confirmation will sway the Supreme Court into dubious territory for the industry. President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, leaving the cannabis industry wondering how he may impact federal marijuana policy—if at all—should he be approved by Congress. “I am unaware […]


New Hampshire Supreme Court to Decide Whether Insurance Should Cover Medical Cannabis

Andrew Panaggio was using opioids to treat his back pain until he found that cannabis offers relief without the side effects. His insurance company says they won’t pay for it. New Hampshire’s Supreme Court will soon decide on a case that could force insurers to pay for medical cannabis treatments in workers compensation cases. According […]

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