Amazing Cannabis Presents For Valentine’s Day

Lucky Box Club offers monthly subscriptions that cater to all your cannabis desires. The Lucky Box is delivered with edibles, topicals, flowers, and extracts. Or try the CBD Wellness Box that features bath bombs and chocolates—almost everything you need to make Valentine's Day complete. You can find …

Berkeley Is A Sanctuary City For Recreational Cannabis

(CNN) — Berkeley City Council members have passed a resolution declaring the city a sanctuary for recreational marijuana. The move may be the first of its kind in the country, tweeted Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, who proposed the measure. Under the new resolution, which passed Tuesday night, …

Do You Need A Degree When You Want To Work In The Cannabis Industry

Heather Cabot , [email protected] I write about the cannabis startup scene and enterprising women Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The Giving Tree. Lilach Power Mazor, CEO and cofounder of The Giving Tree Wellness Center is on the hunt for highly educated hires.




Is Marijuana’s 4/20 Holiday Connected To The Rise In Fatal Car Crashes

An earlier survey of college freshmen found that driving after marijuana use and riding with someone using pot was common, especially among young men, and more common than alcohol-linked driving. And a 2014 study in six states found that marijuana was increasingly detected in drivers killed in car …


Pennsylvania Is Searching More Doctors To Join Medical Cannabis Program

Navalgund is one of the 355 doctors in the state approved to certify patients for the medical marijuana program. About 300 more have registered to undergo the four-hour training course required for certification. Approved practitioners can certify patients at the same location where they regularly provide …

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