Breakingviews – $100 bln weed company is still in the pipe

NEW YORK  – Cannabis is making cryptocurrencies look lethargic. Share prices of listed producers have rocketed, in some cases faster than bitcoin did last year. Brendan Kennedy, the chief executive of Tilray, which made $21 million of revenue last year, believes his company could be worth $100 billion. He’s half right: a weed producer could […]

Canada cannabis stocks see mood swings

Canadian cannabis companies have seen turbulent trading on Wall Street as US investors seek to catch the buzz from their northern neighbours. With recreational marijuana use due to be legalised in Canada on 17 October, producers Tilray and Canopy saw their US-listed stocks surge then sag. Another firm, Aurora Cannabis, has said it will seek […]

Maine restaurant sedates lobsters with marijuana

A US restaurant is using marijuana to sedate lobsters before killing them. Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound, a restaurant in Maine, says the process is more humane as it lessens their pain before death. Lobsters are often cooked by being dropped into a pot of boiling water, seen as cruel by some. There is growing evidence […]




What is the Medical Cannabis Research Act?

The Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2018 could prove to be a game-changer…if Congress votes in favor of it. A bill that would require the federal government to approve more facilities for the cultivation of cannabis for medical research is up for a vote in Congress this week. The bill, the Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2018 […]


The medicinal cannabis conundrum

The word ‘cannabis’ polarises opinions in countries around the world, and New Zealand is no exception. A popular belief is people who take cannabis will go on to become addicted to other substances, or develop schizophrenia, become drug dealers, or drop out of school, university, work or life. Another belief is the physical and mental […]

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