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Weed Gummies that are Shaped like Fruit, People, or Animals Is Banned in Colorado


This month, an official ban went into place in Colorado that forbids edibles companies from making gummies in the shape of fruit, people, or animals.

According to High Times (www.hightimes.com/read/colorado-bans-weed-gummy-bears), Governor John Hickenlooper officially signed House Bill 1346, which outlaws the offending shapes. Starting October 1st of 2016, it will no longer be legal to manufacture any gummies in these shapes.

Other shapes of cannabis gummies, such as pot leaves or flowers, will still be allowed. Many who oppose this are calling it a political move, as other shapes and colors can still be appealing to young children. They argue that the real responsibility lies with the parents, who should be keeping gummy edibles and other tempting but forbidden goodies as far away from children as possible.

They are also concerned because of the stricter amendment that the Colorado Supreme Court is trying to add to the ballot for 2016. This would outlaw 80 percent of cannabis products in Colorado, including all concentrates and most edibles, because of the strict regulations it would impose on potency. If gummy shapes can be regulated, argue detractors, so can things that are more important, like strains and cannabis strength.

However, some feel it is a show of good faith on behalf of the cannabis community to stop making cannabis in shapes that would be especially appealing or tempting to children. They argue that giving up certain gummy shapes is not a major loss for the industry, and is in fact a good compromise to make.

Whether or not you support this ban or feel it is unnecessary, it is clear that this is not a major loss for the cannabis industry in Colorado, as gummies in general will remain legal. The next few years will show what other restrictions the industry will come up against.


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