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Working out while smkoing in California Gym

Working out while smkoing in California Gym

A cannabis-friendly gym may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s not for this California fitness center where you can smoke while you train.

The gym, known as Power Plant Fitness, is located in San Francisco. They allow vaping and edibles consumption, and they are planning to expand and include an outdoor smoke deck. They feel that because cannabis is a tool for focus and recovery, it can be an essential part of the workout experience.

The gym also offers a “cannabis performance assessment,” which tells gym-goers the best way to consume in order to receive optimal health benefits.

“We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side,” Jim McAlpine, cofounder of the gym, and founder of the athletic competition known as 420 Games, stated in an interview with Tech Insider “And helping our members figure out the best way for them to ingest their cannabis. It won’t be a place to get high and just screw around.”

In the same spirit as the 420 Games, the gym wants to highlight the fact that stoners and smokers in general are not lazy, and can do more than eat and sit on the couch. In fact, they can be active – especially since cannabis is such a good healing tool for those who are rough on their bodies.

Additionally, the use of edibles and vaping sativas can provide the mental energy and focus necessary for focus during a strenuous class, without any of the sluggish symptoms brought on by smoking indicas. Using cannabis at the gym can also be a great way for those who have stressful lives to unwind and get into the zone after a long day at work, when it is time to relax and work out.

As legalization sweeps the nation and the globe, more startups like this are sure to incorporate cannabis into their evolving business models.


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