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18 Cannabis Strains For Insomnia

18 Cannabis Strains For Insomnia

Get Some Sleep with These Strains for Insomnia
Researchers have found that cannabis helps you fall asleep faster and once you’re asleep, it gives you longer periods of deep sleep. The key is finding the strain that works best for you. To get you started, here’s our list of the best strains for insomnia.

Use this list as your starting place. Do some experimenting until you figure out precisely what strains for insomnia is right for you.

14. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple has some impressive weed genes. It was created when breeders crossed Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Both of those are heavy hitting indicas. And Granddaddy Purple carries on the tradition well.

This strain is fairly high in THC. Most buds come in between 17% and 23% THC. But all that THC is tempered by high levels of another powerful cannabinoid called CBG.
The combo of THC and CBG make this one a popular medical strain. And in particular, Granddaddy Purple is a go-to strain for many people dealing with sleep problems.
After smoking this strain, expect to feel a buzz in your body that will leave you relaxed and mellow. Perfect for getting ready for bed.
You’ll also enjoy the slightly fruity flavor of this strain. Think of it like the weed version of dessert.
From start to finish, this strain is a great all-around choice if you’re looking for something to help you sleep better.

13. Kryptonite

When it comes to the best strains for insomnia, Kryptonite is a bit of a mixed bag. The key factor is all the THC this strain produces. While most indica strains are in the ballpark of 12%-15% THC, Kryptonite is way up around the 25% to 30% range.
If you’re new to weed, or if you’ve never smoked Kryptonite before, this strain could absolutely knock you out. And that’s good if you can’t fall asleep. But if you’re a seasoned Kryptonite toker, all that THC may actually have the opposite effect.
For some people, Kryptonite gives them some stimulating effects right alongside the sedating, calming ones. For them, this strain may lead to a contemplative, relaxed mood rather than a sleepy state.
When that happens, this strain may be more fitting for a lazy afternoon of reading, relaxing, and doing yoga than for trying to go to sleep. But either way, this strain will give you a super enjoyable body buzz. It’s worth a try.

12. Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is an indica dominant hybrid. And it does a great job of bringing out the best of both sativas and indicas.
A few puffs in and you’ll feel a heavy sedated vibe hit your body. A little later that high will move into your head.
And when that happens, you’ll be soaring sky high, floating around in the clouds. For a lot of people, this combo makes Skywalker OG one of the best strains for insomnia, and perfect for bedtime.

11. Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a pretty common strain, and it produces consistent and reliable body highs. In particular, this strain has sedating, calming, relaxing effects.
That makes it a solid choice for people dealing with aches, pains, headaches, or a variety of other medical conditions. It’s also a great choice for people struggling with sleep issues.
As you break apart the nugs and start packing them into your bowl, you’ll notice that distinctive skunky smell. A few good hits and you’ll be feeling sedated and ready to crawl into bed and relax.

10. White Widow

One of the reasons White Widow got its name is because flowers from this strain are covered in a thick layer of frosty white trichomes. And if you know your weed, you know that translates into potency.
White Widow is known for producing a great blend of effects. Happy, euphoric, calm, relaxed, sedated. Those are all words used to describe how it feels to get high with White Widow.
It’s often used as a social strain, which is why it’s become so popular in Amsterdam coffee shops. But for a lot of users, this is also one of the best strains for insomnia.
The generally calming effects it produces may help you take the edge off and get into that unwinding, end of the day mindset.
If it works for you, White Widow could become an effective—and particularly uplifting way to get ready to go to sleep.

9. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is most widely recognized for its scent and flavor profiles. Not surprisingly, this strain smells and tastes like cheese.
If you’re into that, this could be the perfect strain for you. And since it produces highs that perfectly balance out bodily relaxation with mental calmness, it could also be a great way to prep for bedtime.

8. White Rhino

Don’t expect any wacky surprises from White Rhino. This strain is an indica workhorse. It’s known for being strong, reliable, and consistent. And that’s exactly why it’s such a good choice for nighttime use.
The strain has an earthy, somewhat piney flavor profile. And it produces highs that settle pretty quickly into your body.
If you’re new to this strain, you could very well end up feeling completely couch locked after a few big hits. But even the seasoned smoker will get heavily sedated after smoking White Rhino.

7. Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is a fun strain because it produces stunningly beautiful buds. Expect nugs to be green with some nice red hairs. But the real star is the striking flecks of purple throughout.

After enjoying the color of these nugs, look for an equally interesting scent and flavor profile. It starts off sweet and slightly skunky. And as you light up and start smoking, you may also pick up undercurrents of fruit, grapes, or berries.
A few big hits in and the real power of this strain kicks in. Purple Urkle is fast acting and hard hitting. For a lot of people, it’s a “two-hitter-and-quitter.”
Just a few puffs will give you a distinctive body high. You’ll start feeling calm, relaxed, and sleepy.
Along with being a great solution for people looking for the best strains for insomnia, Purple Urkle is great for nausea, and for managing ongoing aches and pains. Additionally, some patients even have success using it to treat depression and anxiety.

6. Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is one of the classics of the cannabis world. It comes straight from the Hindu Kush Mountains, which stretch between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
It has a distinctive earthy and woody scent that sometimes smells a bit like sandalwood.
And it produces some really calm and soothing body highs. After a good sesh with this strain, you’ll find yourself in a calm and contemplative mood. And for a lot of people, that’s the perfect mindset for bedtime.

5. Blueberry

If you like eating dessert at night before you get ready for bed, then Blueberry could be the nighttime strain for you.
After enjoying the pleasant, berry-tasting smoke, expect to feel a good mix of body and cerebral effects.
Your body will be relaxed and calm. And your brain will be sedated, happy, and slightly euphoric.
Try hitting this strain a few hours before bed and your entire evening will quickly become more relaxing and positive than ever before.

4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights has become a super popular indica strain in recent years. While most indica strains average 12.5% THC, this strain is between 16% and 26%.
And that extra THC can lead to some really nice results. Most users experience a calming and pleasurable blend of body and head highs.
After smoking Northern Lights, expect to feel sleepy and sedated, but also happy and euphoric. Smoke Northern Lights and go to sleep with a smile on your face.

3. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an insomniac’s best friend. That’s because this strain will help you melt away into blissful and euphoric relaxation.
This hard hitting indica leaves most users completely wiped out. At the same time, the strong body highs generated by this strain are balanced out by strong feelings of positivity and happiness.
Bubba Kush is definitely a nighttime strain. It’s too strong for daytime use. Along with being one of the best strains for insomnia, this is a good strain for aches and pains, and for a few mood disorders like stress and anxiety.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

If you’ve paid attention to the cannabis industry in recent years, you’ve probably seen the name Girl Scout Cookies popping up all over the place.
This strain has been taking the world of weed by storm. And for good reason. It starts off with a killer scent and flavor profile that will remind you of cotton candy.
And it finishes off with a powerful high that will leave you feeling simultaneously relaxed and euphoric. If you can’t sleep, Girl Scout Cookies will convince you that everything is right with the world. Happy dreams!

1. Hindu Kush

In the world of indica strains, few things are as classic and fundamental as Hindu Kush. It’s been used to create all sorts of other strains including OG Kush and many others.
After smoking this strain, you’ll be lethargic and super relaxed. Everything slows down when you’re high on Hindu Kush.
So smoke this one at night and take it easy. And when it comes to the best strains for insomnia, you’ll be in the perfect mindset to drop right off into blissful and restorative sleep.


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