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Five Amazing Dates for Smokes

Five Amazing Dates for Smokes

Whether it’s your first date with a cannabis enthusiast you met through a marijuana dating site or a mutual friend, or your millionth date with a long-term partner, things are just more fun, and more laid back, when two smokers go on a cannabis-friendly date together. Here are a few tried-and-true ways to spend your romantic days, that will work whether you just met a guy or gal or need to rekindle a flame.

Smoke a Joint in Nature

One of the chillest date ideas is to simply take an awesome walk outside. Whether you are just strolling through a park in the city to go sit on a bench, or waiting to have your chill sesh at the top of a 14-foot mountain after a strenuous hike, cannabis can be an awesome addition to this kind of adventure if you smoke. Bring a joint for your stroll or sit in nature, or if you’re worried about lung capacity for a more serious hike, bring a vape pen or take an edible instead.

Get High and Get Ice Cream

Going out for sweet treats is something that can appeal to just about everyone, from little kids and senior citizens to young adults, stoned teens, and giggly adults. So this is a great way to spend more time together on a first date without suggesting something more risque like a bar or going back to your place. It’s also the perfect way to wrap up a day of steamy passion, deep conversation, or outgoing fun with a spouse or serious partner. Before you go get your treat of choice, get a little high to enhance the experience and make the sweets even sweeter.

Edibles, Netflix, and Chill

There are nights when you just need to avoid the crowds, slip into something a little more comfortable, and chill out at home watching movies with that someone special. Whether you just invited your love interest over to your place for the first time, or you’re spending the night in with your partner after the kids go to bed, edibles are an awesome way to enhance watching a good flick. They make the horror more horrifying, the romance more touching and true, and the humor way more funny. If edibles aren’t your thing just because of the strength, you can smoke or vape instead.

Night at Home with Edibles or Infused Products

If you want to kick it up a notch and head to the bedroom with your special someone, adding in an edible before you hit the hay or using an infused product during sex can be just the thing to give you that boost in the bedroom. Maybe you and your new partner are shy, but want to avoid libations like alcohol before getting busy because you want to be able to remember the whole experience. Or, maybe you are looking for a creative way to spice things up with a long-term lover. Either way, using infused products or edibles can be a great way to bring you closer to someone.

Hot Springs or Hot Tub and Vape

This is a really good way to unwind and enjoy time outside or at a special location with your special someone. Find a hot springs, or if one isn’t available, simply take a dip in a hot tub with the object of your desires. This will help you relax and get sexy and closer together. Vaping while taking a relaxing dip can make this experience even more rewarding.


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