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Five Best Canabis Strains for Good Sleep

Five Best Canabis Strains for Good Sleep

Cannabis is good for all kinds of things, from promoting a healthy sex life and a good appetite to acting as an agent to deal with stress and anxiety. It can help with sleep too; for those who have insomnia, or who just plain can’t slow down sometimes because of a busy schedule, cannabis can provide relief. Here are some of the best strains to help you get a good, healthy night of sleep.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush may taste a bit like coffee and chocolate, but have no fear – it actually does the opposite of give you a sugar rush or a caffeine buzz. This heavy indica will knock you right out, and it will also help relieve stress and increase appetite. If you’ve been having a hectic or emotionally draining week, this can be just the ticket for a good night of sleep.


This strain, named for the super-practical Star Trek characters, is an indica that will make you feel as though you are in space, but will allow you to keep the collected and cool head of someone not hampered by emotions. This is a great bud to help you relax before bed. You’ll get blasted off into a trippy dreamland without any of the stressful thoughts that can sometimes accompany a heavy high.


Blueberry has long been a favorite indica-heavy bud among smokers. The delicious, fruity aroma and the nice, clam high will be just the thing to lull you into a nice sleep. Try some before bed with a healthy midnight snack.

Northern Lights

This is a great one to smoke if you are struggling to sleep because of soreness from working out or working a physically strenuous job. The nice body high from this strain will put you right to sleep and ensure that you have sweet and pleasant dreams.


As the name implies, this one will knock you out in no time. The extremely high CBD level in this bud will leave your body feeling wonderful and ready for a good night’s sleep. Many medical patients use this one to help take the edge of pain and discomfort during the night.


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