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The Duration for which Weed Stays in Your Body

The Duration for which Weed Stays in Your Body

The quantity of weed consumed, mode of consumption, and the length of time for which you have been taking marijuana are factors that will affect the length of time for which weed stays in your body. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, builds up in the body as you smoke this weed. The ability to metabolize this chemical varies with the individual, and is a factor in determining the length for which it will stay in your body.

Testing for THC in Urine
Testing for THC in a urine sample is the most common method used to determine the presence of this chief component of cannabis. The method is relatively inexpensive, and works because a metabolite of THC, namely THC-COOH shows up in the test and confirms that marijuana has been consumed. THC accumulates in fat cells, and the length of time after consumption for which it shows up in tests depends upon the duration for which you have been consuming it by chewing, eating, smoking, or vaping it. A one-off consumption of marijuana will result in the chemical staying in your body for up to eight days. Frequent users can expect THC to show up in tests even after a fortnight of use. With regular users, the duration for which the chemical stays in the system is one month. For heavy users, urine tests can detect THC after 77 days of consumption.

THC in Saliva
You are most likely to face a test for THC in saliva when driving on the road. Law enforcement agencies use this method to check for drivers who are high on marijuana. The chemical can be detected in saliva only for a short period, around one hour after smoking. However, you can test positive for THC in saliva after 24 hours, and if you are a frequent user, then expect to test positive for THC in saliva even after 72 hours. For chronic users, the chemical may show up in saliva even after a week.

THC in Hair
Cannabis stays for the longest time in hair, and even though there is a lack on consensus on the effectiveness of this test, such regular tests aim to detect THC that is at least 90 days old.
Hair grows at a regular and even pace. The hair sample is taken from close to the scalp, and depending upon what you wish to learn, the testing lab can return results on more than just THC. You can get a fairly accurate appraisal of your health with this test. Cannabis can be detected in hair for up to seven days after consuming it.

THC in Blood
THC does not stay for long in blood. For regular users, it may show up after a week. A non-frequent user’s test will return a positive result for up to 24 hours.

Is it Possible to Pass a Urine Test?
There is no foolproof way to clear a urine test after taking cannabis; more so if you’re a regular user. So-called detoxification drinks do not promise a solution, they may work or they may not. If you are trying to clear a urine test, stay on the right side of the law. Stay away from synthetic urine and other illegal temptations. Some people try to consume too much water in order to try and wash away traces of THC. But this doesn’t help. If urine is too diluted, the subject may actually fail the urine test. While many follow the fruit pectin technique, there is no research to show that it works. The technique involves consuming fruit pectin mixed with a soft drink an hour or two before the test. This should be followed by some B vitamin tablets and a bottle of water. The rationale behind this idea is that fruit pectin being a good source of dietary fiber moves more THC through the digestive tract instead of the kidneys. If you are going to try a cleansing technique, be judicious in whatever you do and exercise moderation. If not, you run the risk of falling sick.
Other Chemicals and their Stay in the Body
As compared to other chemicals, cannabis stays in the body for relatively longer. Amphetamines and alcohol stay in the system for up to three and five days, respectively. Cocaine, opiates, and LSD will show up after ten, five, and three days.

Testing for drugs is a regular feature across countries; you have to go through it whether you like it or not. However, since the time for which different substances remain in the body varies with the chemicals present, you may get away after consuming meth but cannabis will be found. Cannabis, it appears, receives step-motherly treatment in being bracketed with other drugs. Given that it is legal in many countries, it is only fair to expect leniency in how authorities view marijuana. One in eight Americans is a regular user of cannabis, and if workplace regulations prohibit cannabis use even when it is legal, then the potential loss to businesses and economy can be staggering. Cannabis shows up in tests when other chemicals don’t because it is stored in lipid cells. There is little chance of being high on pot after twelve hours. However, if you wish to avoid anxiety and continue enjoying weed, then you’re best off with a job that does not have a “no marijuana” policy.


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