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How does weed affects Sex and libido?


Is Sex on weed better or worse? Does this vary by strain? How does Cannabis interact with Sex Drive (libido)? Does it affect testosterone as some early research suggested….are there different results with men and women to all these questions? Today on Lex’s World, in what is certainly a mature-audiences episode, we I try to tackle some of these sexual health questions, as I do get them once in a while. The problem is that no answer is 100% accurate…in the sense that not everyone experiences Cannabis & Sex-related symptoms the same way. It is not easily predictable like other drugs. You pretty much have to try it to know what applies to you; though I recommend you try it with a sativa-dominant hybrid strain…Not every person gets horny after they smoke up…not everyone has increased sensitivity and not everyone can perform sexually. There are also affects on Sperm Count that might be relevant to know for heavy and ongoing users.


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  1. I don’t think having sex while under the influence of any drug, alcohol included, does anything for the sex or the relationship. If anything it is a cover up too you are able to still have sex with that person. Maybe just end the relationship and try someone else?

    1. Because although sex is a private matter between 2 (or more depending on what you like) people, the need for information and the need to try things out is still all around us. Some people are just comfortable with this kind of discussion but if you aren’t then maybe look at something else. Just saying you don’t have to talk about it but you must have been interested to click on it.

      1. I agree with Alan, although my sex life is private I am still interested to know about different things and if people have the same experience or something all together different. It’s not like I’m talking about what positions we do and all the things we say during sex. We are just talking about if it was good, bad, or something we do/do not want to try.

  2. How o you bring something like this up to your partner? I don’t want him to think its not good enough….I feel like if I asked if we could get high before sex then he would get offended. Any tips?

    1. I think the best thing you can do is let it happen naturally. Like just smoke with each other and then put the moves on him! Be the one who starts it after smoking and if you have to talk about it later then have an honest conversation about how it was and maybe making it a habit.