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8 Marijuana Mobile Apps Change Your View About Consume Weed

8 Marijuana Mobile Apps Change Your View About Consume Weed

8. MassRoots

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
Category: Social Media

Building on the tremendous success and popularity of Instagram, MassRoots is a social media app connecting cannabis enthusiasts all over the world.

The company was founded in 2013 by Isaac Dietrich and Tyler Knight, who came up with the concept getting stoned in their apartment one night in college.

Downloading MassRoots will give you access to exclusive marijuana-only theme content. You’ll also be able to meet up with like-minded people in your area by sharing your cannabis experiences.

Have an amazing smoke trick or want to show off your new piece? Do it all on MassRoots. But MassRoots is more than just Instagram for cannabis fans. It’s also a hugely successful business and advertising portal.

7. WeedMaps

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
Category: Health

When it comes to figuring out the nearest dispensary, there’s no better option that firing up the WeedMaps app. There are plenty of competitors in this category, but WeedMaps is the go-to for a reason.

What sets WeedMaps apart from other similar marijuana apps are the options it gives you. Using filters, you can drill down to exactly the location that provides the service you’re looking for.

In addition to dispensaries, WeedMaps can connect you to medical cannabis doctors in your area. Doctor listings also describe services each location offers.

WeedMaps is available on all platforms, and even has a browser version you can check out from any computer. The app neatly categorizes cannabis businesses and even lets you select whether you want delivery service or locations that are strictly 21+.

For many of the listings, WeedMaps offers a Yelp! like feature where customers can rate and leave reviews about their experiences.

6. My Canary

Platform: iOS
Cost: $2.99
Category: Health & Fitness

While it is totally possible to lead a normal, functioning human life and use cannabis, it’s also true that consuming cannabis alters how we perform.

Whether it’s simple everyday tasks or complex ones, it’s important to know how cannabis is actually impacting your mind and body.

Sometimes, it’s hard to be an impartial judge of our own performance when we’re stoned, and it can be hard to recognize some of the subtle, hard-to-notice ways cannabis is influencing us.

That’s where My Canary comes in. My Canary is a health and fitness tracker that helps you measure your performance when you’re high.

Checking your mental and physical performance levels, My Canary can accurately measure performance changes due to a variety of factors. From alcohol and cannabis use, to medication, fatigue or other causes, My Canary is full of helpful insights to keep you on top of your game.

5. Duby

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
Category: Social Media

Pass the duby, or put it out. That’s the idea behind this Tinder-inspired app designed to connect cannabis enthusiasts looking for connections with other enthusiasts.

Like MassRoots, Duby is a five-star social networking app just for cannabis users. But amidst the sea of similar marijuana apps, Duby is worth mentioning because it cares about anonymity.

It’s one thing to share pics of yourself smoking when you live in a state with legal recreational marijuana. It’s a different story if you live in a state where cannabis is still prohibited.

Duby is an anonymous network that lets users post photos and videos—cannabis-related, of course—and connect with other Duby users with private messaging.

Duby isn’t really a dating app (see below for the real Tinder for cannabis). But it does have a similar “swipe left” or “swipe right” feature.

4. HighThere!

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
Category: Social Media

HighThere! is the app for cannabis lovers looking for lovers among other lovers of cannabis. In other words, if you were looking for a cannabis-only Tinder app, look no further.

Despite the fact that cannabis is always becoming more mainstream and acceptable, there’s still plenty of stigma attached to cannabis smokers themselves.

That can make it hard to date, meet new people, or share the most meaningful and important experiences. Sure, it’s totally possible to put “420 friendly” in your profile on other dating apps.

But HighThere! puts you in touch with a community of people who won’t judge you if you do.

Billing itself as a fun and dynamic way for people to connect directly with other cannabis fans, HighThere! is one of the most popular cannabis social media sites out there today.

3. EazeMD

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
Category: Health & Lifestyle

EazeMD is a virtual consultation app that puts you in contact with medical marijuana professionals. With this app, there’s never been an easier way to find your way to legal weed.

EazeMD takes all of the guesswork out of getting a medical cannabis card, and you never have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Medical marijuana doctors on the app are fully licensed and certified. After a virtual consultation via text, voice, or video, your personal cannabis doctor will mail you the paperwork you need to access the products at a local medical cannabis dispensary.

It’s important to know what EazeMD does and doesn’t do, however. Lots of reviews of the app online tend to overstate what you get with EazeMD.

In the first place, the app is only available for medical cannabis in California. That doesn’t mean you have to live in Cali, but it does mean you’ll have to be in the state and purchase your medical herbs there.

2. Marijuana Handbook and Handbook Lite

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free (Lite Version) or $2.99
Category: Lifestyle

If you’re looking for real strain information, and not just a bunch of ad copy about various strains like some other marijuana apps offer, Marijuana Handbook is the app to check out.

It doesn’t have a sleek name, but Marijuana Handbook truly delivers the goods when it comes to strain information and content. Interested in trying some Sour Diesel, or maybe a little Super Skunk? Learn about them first by consulting Marijuana Handbook.

The app comes in two versions, a Full and Lite, which is free. Both versions contain a wealth of information, high-resolution photographs, content, and other resources that will surely turn you into a Strain Ninja.

The Handbook library sports over 200 different strains, with more strains added all the time. The app also employs a Reddit-style ranking system where users can “favorite” their top strains.

So you can check out the top-ranked strains and even recommend that the app include your favorite strains if it’s not part of their library already.

1. Groots

WeedPlatform: Android
Cost: Free
Category: Lifestyle

Groots is an incredible app for growers that you probably haven’t heard of. Unlike GrowBuddy, Groots offers information custom-tailored to indoor growers.

It’s a fact that most home-growers of cannabis do so indoors. Whether it’s a desire for privacy or climate control, indoor grows are preferable for any number of reasons.

Just tell Groots what kind of cannabis crop you are going for, and what your cultivation method is. Loam or hydroponic growers will love the detailed advice and information this app provides.

Groots helps you set the parameters related to your particular setup, including the particular life cycle of the strain, lighting periods, and fertilizer.

Then, Groots will tell you the status of your crops, how long you have to wait before you can harvest your tasty buds, and the nutrient concentrations you should aim for in your fertilizers and watering systems.


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