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At the Confluence of Haute Couture and Marijuana

At the Confluence of Haute Couture and Marijuana

Cannabis products are being marketed successfully and savvy marketers are always on the lookout for newer niches and streams that can be monetized. Fashion is one such niche. Cannabis and fashion are old partners, but what we’re seeing today is a serious mainstreaming of cannabis in the fashion world.

Garments and accessories feature cannabis and celebs like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are doing their bit to promote weed couture. When designers such as Alexander Wang begin to show an interest in cannabis, then it’s fair to assume that things are looking up and it’s only a matter of time before weed truly transitions from the fashion shows and luxe market to becoming a truly mass market product. Wang has already shown off laser-cut dresses and miniskirts that feature weed. Americans who tuned into the episode where Margot Robbie wore a weed-friendly Wang creation will remember what I am talking about.

Baja East has had models sporting vape pens and jewelry with a cannabis motif. Jacquie Aiche of Los Angeles has taken weed-inspired jewelry to a completely new level. Their “Sweet Leaf Collection” that features hoop earrings and other pieces has found favor with stars like Justin Bieber. Prominent rapper Snoop has posed for photos that were used for Alexander Wang’s shows.

The push that fashion pundits are giving to cannabis will go a long way in creating mass acceptance for weed. Each day, stereotypes associated with cannabis are crumbling. Designers such as Chris Peters and Shane Gabier are placing their bets on the marijuana industry and know that early movers will rake in the moolah.


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