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5 Stoner Films that Have Stood the Test of Time

5 Stoner Films that Have Stood the Test of Time

Cannabis has been the theme of more than a few rip-roaring comedies. Situations are perhaps easier to develop, but it still takes classy scripts and great acting to create a timeless classic. These are five stoner films that are now certified timeless classics.
Whether you’re a weed lover or not, you should watch these laugh riots.

1. Up in Smoke – The film is to weed lovers what The Good the Gad, and the Ugly is to lovers of Westerns. It’s a classic. It’s the film that is still considered to be the gold standard against which other weed-themed films are measured.

2. Friday – The film features a young Chris Tucker and Ice Cube, and covers a day in the lives of the two protagonists – one, an unemployed bloke and another a weed dealer who owes his big boss some money. The plots unfold swiftly and the corniness that unfolds superfast is best enjoyed when you’ve let THC work its magic on you.

3. Half Baked – This one’s more than chuckle worthy and ample proof that only in a stoner film can you fearlessly incorporate a sequence of Jerry Garcia’s ghost arising from his ashes and knocking out the bad guy, or the heroine called Mary Jane being totally anti drugs.

4. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle – Perhaps the best stoner film of all time, with each sequence thought of and executed brilliantly. The one featuring Harold being hauled in for jaywalking remains one my favorite stoner film moments of all time.

5. Grandma’s Boy – This is one twisty-turny laughathon about a not-so-young videogame tester, his affection for weed, and the trouble he gets into when his friend blows up the rent money on ladies of the night.


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  1. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is one of my all time favorite movies! Pineapple express should have been on this list too cause that was a good one. Friday is a movie we all fucking quote when we are high….we as in our little group of friends