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6 Flavorful Weed Varieties that You Must Try

6 Flavorful Weed Varieties that You Must Try

Cannabis lovers choose their favorite strains based on THC content, cost, and of course, flavors. If flavors mean a lot to you, then read on to learn about six beautifully flavored strains. Today, flavors have taken on significance because of the proliferation of vaporizers; these devices with their low heat bring out flavors in a manner that joints and blunts cannot.

  1.  Game Changer

Top notes of tropical fruit and grape give way to subdued floral notes in this 60/40 indica-sativa hybrid. Game Changer derives from Purple Dragon and Green Thai. You cannot but appreciate its flavor-powered euphoria even if you’re a rookie who is still learning to roll a joint.

  1.  Blueberry

A legendary indica and the precursor to other classics such as Blue Dream and Blue Cheese, this one really approximates the flavors of the eponymously fruit. The sweet fruity aroma and the high THC content has made Blueberry of millions of weed connoisseurs.

  1.  Tangie

Tangie, as you may guess, has a predominantly citrusy aroma of tangerines. It traces its lineage to Cali Orange and Skunk. The terpene limonene makes its presence felt in a big way. If you like citrus and sativas, then you will not go wrong with Tangie.

  1.  Dutch Treat

Pine lovers gravitate to Dutch Treat like a janitor to pine-scented cleaning liquids. Make what you want to of this analogy, but Dutch Treat is one of those rare strains that enjoys a positive reputation with all. Pine, sage, mint, pepper, and lemon combine to create a heady aroma that elevates, energizes, and relaxes at the same time.

  1.  Big Buddha Cheese

Big Buddha Cheese is regarded as the foremost cheese-flavored hybrid out there. Admittedly, not for the faint of heart, but if you can stand the sturdy flavors of Roquefort, then you’ll love Big Buddha. It is a great strain to mix with other varieties.

  1.   Lavender

Flowers, spice, and everything nice…that’s Lavender for you. Opening a can of these buds will transport you to a lavender field that also carries wild rose bushes here and there, along with violets growing in some places. This strain relaxes you and eases the tensions out like very few strains can.


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