Home Travel For the Best Weed-Themed Tourism in the U.S – Head to Colorado

For the Best Weed-Themed Tourism in the U.S – Head to Colorado

For the Best Weed-Themed Tourism in the U.S – Head to Colorado

Weed is legal in Colorado and the state’s association with marijuana enjoys legendary status in the world, second only to that of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Weed lovers from all over the U.S converge on to Colorado all through the year to enjoy weed uninhibitedly. Entrepreneurs in the state have been quick to service the demands of pot lovers wishing to smoke a joint in peace and getting a firsthand experience of all things related to cannabis. Texans in love with weed, for example, consider Colorado to be marijuana heaven. Back in Texas, possession of cannabis can land one in jail.

In this cannabis-friendly land of Colorado, you can take sushi rolling classes while perfecting your joint rolling skills. You can pick up your day’s quota of weed from a dispensary, get a massage with oils infused with THC, taste cannabis-infused beer, and do a lot more.

Recreational weed became legal in Colorado in 2012 and since then the state has moved on to allow storefront sales of cannabis. However, since weed is still illegal at a federal level, the state’s tourism industry cannot officially promote it.

This, in a way, is Colorado’s and indeed America’s loss because Canada could steal a march over the U.S and entrepreneurs in the U.S may actually play a role there. This said, cannabis is not yet a big reason for tourists coming to Colorado. They still come for the mountains, snow, skiing, food, and nature. Legal cannabis is like the icing on the cake. And yet, 23% of the tourists coming to Colorado were drawn by the lure of a good joint. That’s more than twenty tourists out of every hundred. It means a lot in terms of hotel occupancy and other businesses that these tourists can boost.


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