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Weed Technology Takes Wing, Thanks to Legalization

Weed Technology Takes Wing, Thanks to Legalization

Legalization of weed has given pot-related technology the impetus it has long been seeking. Today, there’s a lot you can do with weed apart from rolling the stuff into a joint or a blunt.

The interest in weed technology is also being stimulated by the increasing importance being accorded to medical marijuana. And when Silicon Valley begins to take interest in a trend, it portends an arrival of sorts. Weed technology can now boast its own international convention. It’s held each year and it’s called Cannatech.


Regardless of whether you love weed or not, the technological developments in this field will definitely intrigue you. Growing weed has now become easier thanks to the development of LED bulbs that allow for the creation of customized spectrums of light.


The increased availability of solvent extractors like rosin hash oil has simplified the extraction of cannabis concentrate at lower temperatures. The resultant mix gives an entirely different high.

Vape pens allow pot lovers to go about their business in a discreet fashion. You cannot make out what the vaper is smoking. Vaping technology is helping to resolve embarrassments that people often feel about lighting a joint in public or at a party.


The cannabis edibles business is set to grow at a rapid pace, and it is only natural that researchers turn their attention to this area. One of the more interesting developments in the field of cannabis technology is that of Cannabutter machines. These machines allow you to mix weed flowers, butter, and herbs of your choice and whip up a concoction that does not smell and can be used without upsetting neighbors or the landlord.


Turnkey plug and plant grow systems sound like the expensive toy you’d love to receive. These fully automated grow houses feature automatic climate, light, and nutrient control so that the growing plant receives optimum treatment.


When you talk of technology, apps have to find a mention. It’s no different in the case of marijuana. GrowBuddy lets you track the growth of the plant and also serves as a marketplace for buyers. Apps also allow weed cultivators and enthusiasts to network and reach out to each other.

It is only a matter of time before weed-related technologies get mainstreamed and we start seeing relevant and related ads.


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