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Medical Cannabis for Pets – What Every Pet Owner Should Know

Medical Cannabis for Pets – What Every Pet Owner Should Know

While federal and state regulations prohibit veterinarians from prescribing cannabis, vets are privately beginning to appreciate the benefits of CBD in treating pet ailments such as anxiety, poor appetite and as an analgesic for pets.

Cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug and therefore vets cannot prescribe it. In many states, vets cannot even discuss the benefits of cannabis with pet owners. Legal implications may follow. Pet owners who give cannabis oil to their pets often do so after unsuccessfully trying out traditional veterinary medications. There is enough anecdotal evidence to show that CBD in cannabis is useful in treating pets. However, care needs to be exercised in selecting the right dose. Dogs and cats are small animals and an overdose can actually complicate matters.

CBD oil derived from hemp is a better alternative because the THC content in hemp is lower. Symptoms of over consumption include loose motions and the animal acting like it is high. That is the THC effect and you want to avoid it. Start with smaller doses to develop resistance. Dogs are particularly sensitive to THC because of the relevant receptors in their brain.

Cannabis has worked to treat pets suffering from separation anxiety, stomach irritation, loss of appetite, and anxiety. The only side effect reported was mild sedation and sometimes, an increase in appetite.

Hemp-based CBD can be administered to pets in the form of tinctures or edibles. Tinctures allow you to administer exact doses and they are quickly absorbed.


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