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The Quick Guide to Pruning Cannabis for More Yield

The Quick Guide to Pruning Cannabis for More Yield

Pruning is an easy to acquire skill, and once acquired, it can help you increase the yield from your cannabis cultivation. Pruning is essentially about nudging the plant into utilizing the sunshine and nutrients in a manner that you want it to.

Once the cannabis plant begins to appear like a bush, then it is ready for pruning. Prune till you are around two or three weeks into flowering. By that time, the plant’s canopy would’ve hopefully taken a shape that you want it to. In order to focus sunlight on the top of the plant where the buds grow, you may want to remove low branches, dead or dying leaves, and buds that are lower down on the stalk.

You will be able to easily prune the plants with a pair of scissors and cutters. Remove the larger branches first. This will give you space to move around. Branches close to the main stem but under the canopy should be cut. Buds that are not receiving sufficient sunlight should be removed even if they are present on a branch that also has other buds receiving sunlight.

Once you have pruned, there will be a spurt of growth. But don’t overdo it. Pruning is a shock for the plant and it takes time to recover; in fact, the new growth is a part of the recovery process. Too much pruning will sap the plant’s spirit to grow. In time, you will learn how your chosen weed strain responds to pruning, and you can then come up with your own schedule to help the plant achieve the best growth.


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