Home Business Demand for Marijuana 10 Times More than that for Ice Cream

Demand for Marijuana 10 Times More than that for Ice Cream

Demand for Marijuana 10 Times More than that for Ice Cream

The demand for weed seems to be growing exponentially by the day. A report that has appeared in Marijuana Business Daily has stated that the demand for marijuana in America is to the tune of up to $50 billion. This is ten times more than the demand for ice cream in the U.S. The ice cream business across the nation is worth $5.1 billion. Let that sink in. The demand for weed, an item of adult consumption, is already way higher than that of a dessert that has been a perennial favorite with people of all ages.

If weed is legalized, then in all probability, its sales will eclipse those of cigarettes and beer too. How massive is that?

At present, legal and recreational weed sales are on par with those of ice cream, around $5 billion. States in America where recreational weed is legal continue to report a growth in profits from taxes. The industry already employs around 230,000 workers, both part-time and fulltime. To put this in perspective, the number is already higher than the number of bakers and dental hygienists in America.

The industry is fueling other businesses; people who earn money with cannabis spend it on retail, automobiles, and even real estate. Cannabis has also been a shot in the arm for the tourism sector in many states, such as Colorado. Each dollar spent at an apothecary selling cannabis generates three more dollars in financial benefits for state and federal government.


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  1. The industry should continue to expand into other things, past medical and recreational usage, we should have an industry based off of the use of hemp just as we should be using bamboo more. The timber companies should be put out of business.