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Marijuana in the Workplace – Not a Great Idea

Marijuana in the Workplace – Not a Great Idea

Cannabis consumption at the workplace is not a bright idea. This, after all, is a recreational drug with known psychoactive effects.

A study carried out in 2011 revealed that nearly 10 million workers in the U.S had abused drugs or alcohol in the preceding 12 months. Marijuana affects performance at the workplace; these effects vary with the age, weight, and personality of the individual. The quantity consumed, mixed with another substance or otherwise, will influence the speed with which weed affects the worker.

Consuming cannabis at the workplace places the consumer’s and co-worker’s health at risk. It also has an unfavorable effect on productivity. Weed consumption is associated with short-term memory issues, poor cognitive thinking, loss of coordination, loss of concentration, altered sensory perceptions, reduction in alertness, and poor reaction times.

The effects of a dose of weed may extend for up to six hours; that’s a day of work compromised. Marijuana is not something you’d want to consume and operate heavy vehicles. Weed can make workers lose interest in the job at hand. They may fall behind on activities, and find it difficult to pick up new skills.

Some companies now prefer to test employees for drugs and marijuana to ensure a safe work environment. For regular consumers of weed, the drug will show up urine even after six weeks of the last dose.

Although legal in many states, marijuana remains an illegal drug under federal laws. Businesses receiving federal funding have to be careful about their approach to weed.


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  1. Stoner lives stoner dies fuck the world let’s get high! Pot is a plant it grows in the ground if god didn’t like it it wouldn’t be around! So drink a fifth and smoke a bowl party hard rock and roll! To all you preps who think you cool fuck you bitches stoner rules

    1. There is no such this as ‘basic knowledge’ anymore. Everyone is so fucking entitled that they think everything they do is right and the second they are punished for going against policies or get a DUI they are the victim.

  2. Sucks that you can pop hot on a piss test even if you are using it for medical reasons and loose a chance at your dream job…..I just wish there was a way to prove that some of us aren’t idiots and use it only in the safety of our homes and don’t drive or show up to work high.

      1. @Renay That is a possibility but the stigma is so large that anyone wanting to go into the medical field (i.e. psychology, pharmaceuticals, doctor of medicine etc.) There would be no way for them to get those jobs while using because it can be a risk to public safety….even if you are not smoking before or at work.

  3. “Unfavorable effect on productivity” please tell that to my college professors because my best work came after smoking. Never went to class high but you bet I was smoking the whole time I was writing papers.

  4. I think it is so stupid. I smell pot on people at work all the time and no-one says a fucking thing to them but I take an aspirin and I have my management asking why I have a bottle of pills in my purse. Maybe because you all give me a headache. Why don’t you yell at the asshole who just walked in smelling like a Wiz Khalifa concert!?

    1. That happens all the time where I work too! I hate that I can’t take my DAY TIME ALCOHOL FREE cold medication so I can stay at work for a whole shift but the stoners get a free pass. I swear my management smokes and that’s why they don’t say shit.