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Cannabis Enthusiasts Gift Guide To Father’s Day

Cannabis Enthusiasts Gift Guide To Father’s Day

Father’s day is right around the corner….literally! On Sunday June 18th we will be celebrating our dads and how amazing they truly are. So we have a list here of some great gift ideas for dads’ that love their cannabis as much as we all do.

1. Cannabox Subscription ( Cannabox )
What’s really great about this gift is that it is retailing as a monthly subscription or a one time gift to someone…that someone in this case being dad of course. So gift your old man with a great box filled with 5-7 handpicked items from the Cannabox team starting at $13.99!

2. Wake-n-Bake Pipe Mug ( Wake-N-Bake Mug )
Now these can range in prices but these mugs are for the coffee lovers out there that also love to light it up in the morning. These mugs can be found on multiple different sites. If you have Amazon prime you can get yourself this mug for $34.95 and even get it in the mail before Father’s Day.

3. Handmade Stash Box and Rolling Tray ( Skunk Woodworking )
You can never go wrong with getting your dad a stash box and rolling tray. The only thing that would make it better is it being handmade from Skunk Woodworking. On Etsy there is a plethora of different woodmakers but when it comes to Skunk’s stash box and rolling tray the work is amazing and truly just give off the air of being refined. Your father will love the craftmanship and can leave it in his bookshelf as a way to show it off without leaving his pipes laying around the house.

4. Cannabis Chocolates ( Coda Signature )
If pops has a sweet tooth but also loves the feel of a high after snacking on some edibles get him a box of chocolates or truffles from Coda Signature. The truffles have 10mg of THC a piece, hot chocolate on a spook has 10mg of THC each, and the bars of delicious chocolate have 100mg of THC per bar! It’s the best gift for any chocolate lover as well as cannabis enthusiasts.

5. Canna-Pancakes and Bacon
To all the wives out there that love the father of their children more than life itself then you can never go wrong with some pancakes with cannabis in them! The best way to do this is to infuse the cannabis into butter or oil, whichever way you normally make pancakes and cook away…just make a second batch for the kids. Add some fresh fruit and bacon and you are all set to make dad the happiest person this sunday.

Everyone here at Weedistry hope that all the fathers out there have an amazing Fathers Day! Let us know that you get your dad for Fathers Day!


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