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Raw Cannabis & How It Can Help You

Raw Cannabis & How It Can Help You

The biggest trend hitting the cannabis community is consuming marijuana in a raw state, this means that rather than going through the drying method after the plant is harvested the but is consumed in a natural state as if it were a raw carrot or even like putting kale in a morning smoothie. This trend is following all of our health conscious friends and for good reason.
So why is this so good for you and why are people starting to use it on a regular basis?

The first reason is of course the Cannabinoid acids found within the bud itself. These are the THC, CBD (cannabidiol), THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid). Although THC and CBD are the most common compounds in cannabis there is evidence that the other two, THCA and CBDA have valuable benefits including, but not limited to:

Anti-Nausea and Vomiting relief from THCA and CBDA

Anxiety relief from CBDA

Anti-cancer from THCA and CBDA

Neuroprotective antioxidants from THCA

Anti-inflammatory from THCA and CBDA

The second reason you should be consuming raw is because there is a huge in vitamins and minerals. Marijuana is a vegetable and like other dark green leafy plants cannabis has Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Iron, and Calcium. These vitamins are extremely important to the body and can help with oxygen circulation, blood clotting, immune functions and so much more. Cannabis is also high in Fiber, which is essential to proper digestion and the creation of healthy gut flora.

Finally, you can get relief without being inhibited for hours on end. It has been shown that CBD and CBDA can both reduce inflammation, and for this reason raw marijuana makes a great, safe addition to your wellness routine.

Now I know all this sounds great but you are probably wondering how you are going to use the raw cannabis in your daily life. If you are a fan of fresh smoothies, salads, and even dressings you can use cannabis. Store your raw cannabis in the fridge as if you would any other vegetable to keep it fresh. So instead of adding kale to your smoothie or spinach to your salad substitute it for the raw cannabis. If you want to add raw cannabis into a dressing make sure you finely chop it up or put it through a food processor so it can be mixed with the oils nicely.

So next time you are reaching for the leafy green that you hate so much, make the switch and feel all the great qualities from the raw cannabis with all the aromas you know and love.


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