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7 Ways To Enjoy Your High In A Different Way

7 Ways To Enjoy Your High In A Different Way

There are always those mornings, nights, and even mid-afternoons that we decide to smoke it up (alone or with a buddy) but the sitting around staring at the wall paper becomes a bore. So what do you do?! Well you never have to wonder again. We have a list of —— things for you to do after smoking whether you are alone, with a significant other, or just with your buddies.

1. Go For a Long Walk
It may seem simple but you have no idea what a nice walk around the block can do for you. It’s a simple activity that will make the way you smoke different forever. Make sure it is a cool evening and you bring lots of water for your cotton mouth.

2. Sit On The Beach
Morning, noon, or night the beach is a lovely. The sound of the waves crashing is therapeutic and just something worth slowing down and listening to. Enjoy the sun if that’s what you love or enjoy the stars. If you don’t have the beach close by maybe a lake or relaxing by the pool.

3. Take a Stop at the Market
We all know that smoking sometimes make you crave a few treats that we shouldn’t always have but it is always so much to enjoy all the chips, cookies, and sweets that satisfy our cravings. Stop by the store and treat yourself to something you crave. And always get ice cream.

4. Get Intimate with Someone Special
There is a saying that smoking then participating in intimate activities makes the experience that much enjoyable. If you have never tried it you may want to attempt it. Enjoy a nice long smoke and turn on your favorite playlist, then have a little fun.

5. Listen to Some Old Jamz!
Do you remember all those old songs you use to sing as a kid? You know what I’m thinking. Smashmouth, The Who, Nsync, and all the other goodies locked away in the back of your mind that sometimes find their way to the front and get stuck there for weeks at a time! Jump on Pandora, Slacker, or even Youtube and rock out to some old jams after hitting that bong!

6. Watch a Movie
Now I’m not saying throw in Titanic or The Fox and The Hound, but toss in a movie that will make you laugh till your cheeks hurt. There are plenty of movies that are geared towards stoners and the humor we share (like TED) and there are other movies that we just find funny because that’s what they are. Next time you smoke try a comedy. If you are not a fan of comedy and enjoy horror films there is something called Evil Bong on Netflix. Next time you are flipping through after a long toke maybe check it out.

7. Have a Good Talk
The most oddly insightful and loving conversations tend to come after smoking. This is just something we all know to be true. Wether you are talking about theories from your favorite show or talking about the dreams you have either in your sleep or for your future, go around your group of friends or just between you and someone special and have a chat.

Next time you smoke it up stay lifted with these ideas. If you have tried one, some, or all let us know and if you have never done any let us know what you would love to do.


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