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The Cannabis Fit Girl Working to Remove Stigma

The Cannabis Fit Girl Working to Remove Stigma

Jennessa Lea, owns gym named Break the Stigma Fitness. When she began using cannabis she felt a stigma from people around her especially since she was using it for medical reasons she felt more people understood it less. Lea was using opioid based pain killers but moved over to cannabis which gave her a better quality of life.

After Lea gave birth to her daughter at 20, her health decreased and she was feeling more pain and dealing with dislocations in her knees and shoulders. Lea claims she wasn’t even able to brush her hair without her shoulder dislocating. This was caused by hyper elasticity in the body. This means that the collagen in her body is not strong and is the reason she suffers from not only pain in joints but the dislocations as well.

Lea went through many years being misdiagnosed and when she finally got a diagnosis for the reason she was in pain she was able to learn that she needed to build strong muscle around the area of collagen weakness. She was not able to even stand properly and was in a wheelchair. Lea started in water therapy to begin building muscle with the water resistance and moved to land physical therapy. She originally started smoking cannabis for pain relief that she was not getting from the pain killers given to her. At some point she was only taking the opioid based pain killers to keep from going through withdrawals. After more research she was able to see the way Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and how it has been used with cancer patients. Lea began taking oils to work up to a total of around 2,000 mg of THC a day.

Lea is now making videos and reaching people as a motivational speaker to inform people that they do not have to feed in to what doctors are telling them, that they can no longer do things, and sharing her story and the message she believes will help people.

Lea fights through her workouts with the pain, and able to run faster and longer, and while using cannabis and working out she feels less pain after the workout and enjoys being sore rather than being in a extreme amount of pain. Lea has specific strains she uses depending on her needs. She not only smokes, but ingests edibles, uses oils, as well as topical treatments that are infused with cannabis.

Lea continues to be known as the Cannabis Fit Girl and uses cannabis while she works out and continues to establish a healthy lifestyle while informing people and her followers of her message.

This is bring out a new way of bringing fitness into your life, smoking marijuana before a run, swim, or workout may help you through the pain you are already in as well as the pain from after the workout.


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