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How to Infuse Locally Bought Find with Cannabis

How to Infuse Locally Bought Find with Cannabis

One of the most exciting things about farmers market season is the wide abundance of delicious finds at your local market—you never know what you’re going to find, but you’re likely to find something new every time. The farmer’s market has been and always will be a place of joy for so many—whether it’s a neighborhood event, community-supported agriculture (CSA), or your own garden’s bounties, there are plenty of ways to partake in a variety of garden delights this season.

For anyone who loves to cook, this is an especially exciting time (and that goes double for the cannabis connoisseur). So for those who live and breath in waves of vibrant produce, time in the kitchen, and particularly good herb, then you’ll absolutely adore the farmers-market-inspired three-course meal below. It combines market finds with your favorite strains, so stop by a stand this Saturday or Sunday and gather as many ingredients as your heart desires—and then some!

Summer heat usually equals light and refreshing meals that reflect breezy days spent outdoors, and what better fits the bill than the classic summer staple, watermelon? This delightful appetizer combines sweet and juicy watermelon chunks with deliciously tangy feta, thick cannabis-balsamic glaze, and a hint of local honey. Pair this dish with a buzzy sativa to really home in on summer’s energy.

The cannabis-infused version below makes generous use of eggplant (and can also be an excellent way to incorporate tasty farmers market tomatoes if you’re willing to make your own marinara sauce). Match this dish with a creative hybrid, and after you’re done with the meal, sit out on the deck to soak in a gorgeous sunset.

If the idea is to create a recipe from farmer’s market finds, no list would be complete without some fresh, juicy strawberries. The season is officially upon us, and these bright red berries are a favorite summer staple. As such, strawberry cobbler is the perfect dessert to satiate those after-dinner munchies—this recipe will both delight and relax you before bedtime.


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