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Will Using Bees to Pollinate Cannabis Help to Save the Species?

Will Using Bees to Pollinate Cannabis Help to Save the Species?

It has been in the news for a while now, but just a reminder the bees are dying out. It is well known that most people are afraid of bees and will normally kill them if they are new us or we are stung and the bee will eventually die on its own. So why are we so worried that bees are dying? Well we are worried because bees pollinate over 85% of flowering plants, including 2/3 of our corps that we grow and ship all around the world. As of right now the hives in the United states are at the lowest they have been in 50 years due to colony collapse disorder. So what can we do, and is there a way that cannabis can help save the bees?

From what we know, bees are attracted to brightly colored flowers that produce pollen and nectar. Most cannabis is pollinated by wind and the flower color is not normally bright enough to attract bees. The male cannabis plants produce pollen but most cannabis that is grown is from the female sinsemilla plants that are not pollinated and do not produce seeds. If bees were to pollinate marijuana it would be at a complete last resort but don’t worry about the bees getting ‘high’. Bees do not contain receptors that connect to the cannabinoids found in marijuana so they will not feel the buzz that people feel.

Colony collapse disorder is taking over the bees for many reasons. Global warming is changing blooming season and changing the food sources. Parasites and mites are attacking bees and are natural enemies to bees. Due to large city development, bees are finding it harder to find food sources and often have to travel long distances to find food sources.

The best way we can look at helping the bees, especially if we are going to use cannabis, is to grow more male cannabis plants and keep our own bees to do the pollinating as well as keeping flowers and other blooming plants that change blooming tines throughout the year. Buy locally and remember to respect the bees around you. Without them we can possibly see a change in the cannabis industry especially in the male plants.


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