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CBD Oil Named After a Young Boy

CBD Oil Named After a Young Boy

Castlederg miracle boy Billy Caldwell has had a new medicinal cannabis oil named after him by a major American pharmaceutical company.

The therapeutic CBD oil ‘Billy’s Bud’ is set to be released by the company 710 Holdings MME.

The 11-year-old intractable epilepsy sufferer has fought death his entire life, with his family fearing one big seizure could kill him.

A desperate return to America last year for help, saw him being prescribed medicinal cannabis oil and he has flourished since.

Not only has it helped keep the dreaded seizures at bay, Billy is more alert, social and has greater strength and mobility in his legs.

His mother Charlotte puts this transformation down to the medicinal cannabis.

Having seen Billy flourish on this oil, the US company has chosen Billy to be the face of their new product that will be distributed world-wide including Ireland and Britain.

People will be able to purchase the product, read Billy’s story and also “sponsor a bud”, which will help those low income families who cannot afford this CBD oil.

Charlotte said, “The company procured this oil for Billy and because of the success it has had, they have named it ‘Billy’s Bud’ – it will be distributed all around the world. This will help other epilepsy sufferers, but so many people with other conditions can benefit from CBD oil as well.

“They have proved in the States that it works. This is just CBD, not THC which is still illegal here for us.

“The gains Billy has made to date thanks to this oil is unbelievable. He no longer needs specially made boots. For the first time ever, I bought him trainers like a normal wee boy. He is going up and down steps, which he wasn’t able to do before. His eye contact is so much better. His concentration span has improved. Billy has autism as well and this oil has had great therapeutic benefits.”


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