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420 Friendly Firework Shows

420 Friendly Firework Shows

With medical marijuana and recreational marijuana becoming more populate in the United states you can bet we will have places for you to go for the holiday to enjoy the fireworks as well as smoke with your friends and family members.

We would like to remind everyone to plan their holiday accordingly because you will not be able to smoke on any federally owned land, due to the fact that even medical marijuana is illegal under the federal government. So if you are in the area where these shows are happening just remember not to smoke at parks or campgrounds. We all want to have a fun and safe holiday!

Now our list! For July 4th 2017 try these areas to view fireworks!

Bellevue, WA

Choose Bellevue to watch fireworks this 4th of July

Bellevue has waterfront views and is a wonderful location to get away from the ‘big city’ and enjoy the firework show.
Boulder, CO

Bolder has all you will want or need for your 420 friendly 4th of July.

This is a very cannabis friendly state and will even have cannabis tours and other activities going around for the holiday. Be sure to reserve tickets so you can enjoy the holiday.
Bend, OR

Bend will be a wonderful place to spend your 4th of July

This former mill town comes alive for the 4th of July festivities and has family friendly events as well as cannabis tours for those that are interested.
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles could be the perfect location for you this year to view fireworks shows

Although recreational cannabis is not legal in California, you can always smoke medically there and LA is one of the best places to get amazing photos and enjoy the holiday. Many people watch the fireworks at the Rose Bowl, Hollywood Bowl, and Venice Beach but there will be fireworks going on in all directions. You may get to see more than one show from one location!
Denver, CO

Choose cannabis friendly Denver to view fireworks

If you are looking to smoke recreationally head over to Denver for some fireworks and good vibes. There are cannabis markets that are tourist friendly and many events around the city to enjoy your 4th of July.
Sonoma, CA

Northern California has beautiful fireworks as well as food, wine, and cannabis.

If you are close to San Fransisco head up to Sonoma for the best wine, food and cannabis in the county. You can watch the fireworks from the city or escape to the sandy beach to watch the show.
Las Vegas, NV

With marijuana now being legal for recreational use, stick around Sin City for some fireworks to complete your holiday

You know there wouldn’t be a list without Nevada on it since the sale of recreational marijuana launched the 1st of July. There will be fireworks all over the vegas strip and you can purchase and smoke your cannabis then head back to the tables to try your luck!


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