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Strains to Make Your 4th of July Great

Strains to Make Your 4th of July Great

With The 4th of July moving in on us we are all so excited for the days festivities! The food, friends, family, and fireworks are all great but we have some cannabis pairings for your eventful day so that no matter what you are doing you have a strain to go along with your plans.

If you are looking for a hybrid in the sativa category you can always took for some Juliet. It is a sweeter cannabis with berry flavor as well as earthy undertones. If you can’t find Juliet near you some close alternatives are NYC Diesel and Green Crack.

Our next one is called Chemdawg, a hybrid strain that has many alternatives but the original is potent and has a pungent and fuel-like smell. If you can’t get your hands on the original you can always try Sour Poison or Mango Kush. Just be careful with these strains around those who don’t like the smell of cannabis because these ones are strong.

If you are looking for a string that is going to boost your creativity and calmness you will want Tangerine OG. Its the perfect strain for a summer afternoon. If you can’t find this we recommend you try Lemon Kush, or even Alien OG. All these will are great options as light highs for a summer day.

For a high that is up lifting for a while then leads you to a nice long nap we would love to hear what you have to say about LA OG. This can feel like a classic hybrid in smaller amounts or create a full bodied high as if you are smoking an indica in larger quantities. Good alternatives to this strain would be Purple Kush or even Tahoe OG.

A list for the 4th of July would not be complete without a Girl Scout Cookie Strain. Instead of the classic we are recommending the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies for the end of your long day, after the activities, the cleaning up, and of course the fireworks this one is going to have the aspects of a medical marijuana to help take all he aches and pains away. you can also try Blue Diesel or Bubblegum to have the same feeling and a great nights sleep.

If you are looking to have a smoke sessions with some close friends and don’t want to crash out before getting to see the fireworks we recommend Space Queen. The light flavors will add to the mood and leave you with a full bodied tingly feeling as well as keep you chatting with your friends. You can always try Agent Orange or Chernobyl if you are looking for this same kind of high but can’t find any Space Queen.

Our last recommendations is for the sativa lovers out there. The original strain of Lamb’s Bread will give you the clear headed high that can help enhance your holiday adventure without leaving you sleepy and wanting to lay down for a nap and sleep the day away. Sativa lovers will also love Purple Haze and Mother’s Finest as well.

Let us know what you love to smoke for this holiday and what you loved about your strain or even what you would have changed! Everyone here at Weedistry hope you have a safe and lifted 4th of July!

From everyone here at Weedistry, have a happy and safe 4th of July!


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