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Nevada Cannabis Products are Lab Tested Before Being Sold

Nevada Cannabis Products are Lab Tested Before Being Sold

Many people who are enthusiastic about marijuana being legalized probably aren’t aware of the one aspect of the marijuana business that’s absolutely crucial for everyone’s safety: testing laboratories.

In light of Nevada’s first steps into legalizing recreational cannabis, and all the sales that have resulted from that decision, laboratories that run tests on cannabis prior to it being stocked in dispensaries are pillars of the industry. DB Labs is one of these laboratories, and it is the first cannabis-centered lab to open its doors in the southern part of Nevada.

Not Chemistry Class

While there might be some who think this process is like your typical chemistry lab time in high school or college, that’s not the case here. Dr. Ben Chew, district manager of DB Labs, says that they not only test for cannabis potency, but for toxic chemicals such as arsenic, lead and cadmium.

DB Labs opened just a bit before Nevada legalized medical marijuana, so business has been very good for the lab, which tests all three primary aspects of marijuana consumption: flowers, edibles and cannabis extracts.

With recreational cannabis business booming, cultivation has increased. Since everything has to be tested before passing it to the dispensaries and the consumers, DB Labs, and other businesses like them, will be seeing an obvious uptick in their workload. To handle their current load of 30-50 samples per day, CEO Susan Bunce is having her staff work in three shifts.

Best Marijuana Lab In the Southwest

Bunce’s company, though relatively new, is not lacking for superior equipment. Thus they’re able to achieve the most accurate results possible. Their state-of-the-art status as a cannabis laboratory has therefore earned them an international accreditation, which surpasses the state’s requirements.

In turn, products tested by DB Labs will likely be of the highest quality available.


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