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5 Things Women Who Love Marijuana Can Relate To

5 Things Women Who Love Marijuana Can Relate To

While most movies and shows portray dudes as the ultimate stoners, times are changing and women are openly embracing cannabis more and more every time without caring what others may think of them. With shows like “Broad City” and cannabis celebrities like the Weed Nuns, women are getting pretty comfortable with marijuana and the world is really enjoying it. It’s a good time to be a girl and to love and smoke weed, reaping all the amazing perks and benefits that the plant provides.

Here are 5 things women who love cannabis can relate to:

1. You can’t escape that skunky smell no matter how hard you try, and every time someone gets near your purse or tries to open it, you have a near heart attack. Don’t be rude.

2. Unlike alcohol, you can have a wild cannabis fueled night filled with great conversations, dancing and fun, yet still wake up the next day feeling fresh and rested.  That’s marijuana for you.

3. You feel bad for your friends who struggle with their period cramps and try out every possible invention and pill to counteract that paint. You know there’s no better treatment for PMS than marijuana, especially if you know which strain to take. Goodbye headaches and all sorts of pain.

4. There are some days where the first thought that pops into your head in the morning is not coffee, but marijuana, which will keep you motivated and pumped up for your day.

5. Women who love cannabis know that marijuana affects your body’s response to things differently, including sex. True connoisseurs of the herb know how to recognize the subtle differences between an orgasm while high on sativa and an orgasm after having smoked some indica.


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