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The Top Reasons You Should Consume Cannabis According to Experts

The Top Reasons You Should Consume Cannabis According to Experts

Look, I get it, guys, marijuana isn’t for everyone. Hell, prior to me moving to the Pacific Northwest, it wasn’t really even for me. However, that all changed with a) the ever-changing acceptance and laws about cannabis and b) the education about benefits and effects that pot has.

As we’ve done in the past with things like the differences between a Indica or Sativa, and some of the best strains of marijuana, we talked to some of the leading experts and influencers in the cannabis industry to talk about some of the reasons why you should absolutely, positively consume pot.

Some of these might surprise you… and should be helpful, too.

  • “The number of reasons for consuming cannabis, particularly for medical purposes, are well-documented and almost universally agreed upon by people that haven’t been swayed by stigma. It’s been scientifically proven that HIV, cancer, and epilepsy symptoms can be alleviated through consumption. Beyond the many reasons for using cannabis, however, I strongly recommend vaping as the optimal delivery mechanism for the purpose of eliminating combustion (ie: tar intake) and increasing overall health benefits.” — Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Chief Strategy Officer for The Blinc Group
  • “My top reasons to consume cannabis go beyond that of a myriad of health benefits and unlocking the creative potential, but rather I just can’t think of any one reason not to, both medically and recreationally. Cannabis is a connection to the body, mind, and one’s surroundings.” — Alex Mardikian, CMO of the Medical Cannabis Innovations Group
  • “Clinical research and observational studies clearly demonstrate the numerous medical benefits cannabis can offer to patients who are suffering from a wide range of conditions. Cannabis has been shown to provide symptom relief for such ailments as Crohn’s Disease, anxiety, depression, nausea, and sleeping disorders, to name only a few. In addition, high CBD strains have shown to have a tremendous impact on patients who have neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy. In addition to helping with medical issues, the anti-inflammatory agents in these strains are also beneficial for people who lead an active lifestyle and these products are now becoming a part of their wellness regimen.” — Stephen Gardner, Chief Marketing Officer at Tikun Olam USA
  • “The reasons to consume cannabis are vast and varied, but in the medical realm there are three main motivators: effectiveness, affordability, and (lack of) side effects. Anyone who has suffered from an ailment – especially a serious or long-term condition – and has been met with limited pharmaceutical and over-the-counter solutions, may find a better option in cannabis. It effectively relieves conditions from joint pain to anxiety to seizures to nausea (to name a few), often has limited or nonexistent side effects, and can be friendlier on the wallet than many pharma solutions.” — Jamie Schau, Senior Analyst for Brightfield Group
  • “Consuming cannabis is a great way to increase productivity, contrary to popular belief. In a time where efficiency and effectiveness are what matters most, the brain can easily get bogged down with the amount of work people take on in this day and age. Personally, when things become foggy or one hits a mental wall, a little smoke session can put everything back into perspective. A clear mind is a productive one.” — Drew White, Publicist at NisonCo PR

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