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A Cannabis Retreat to Take Place In California

A Cannabis Retreat to Take Place In California

Wedged somewhere between a yoga retreat and a full-on Hot Wet American Summer experience, the Ganja Goddess Getaway offers a unique blend of health, body and mind-oriented events united by one crucial element – weed.

Taking place in locations around Northern and Southern California, the Getaway invites all female-identifying marijuana lovers (you don’t even have to be a user to attend) to reconnect with their inner goddesses as well as their counterparts in the calm, spiritual setting of nature.

Organized by a group of marijuana industry professionals – including Deidra Bagdasarian, aka Miss Bliss, who launched her own line of edibles, and Trish Demesmin, who is one of the top experts of medical marijuana – the retreats started back in 2016 and only focused on medical cannabis patients first.

However, thanks to California’s new Adult Use of Marijuana Act, the Ganja Goddess Getaway now welcomes anyone over the age of 21 to participate and consume cannabis during their events.

“Food, weed, yoga and good times”

So what exactly should you expect at this weed-treat? As Deidra explains in an interview with Huck Magazine, the whole experience is crafted to give women time “to focus on themselves.”

“They can expect to love and connect with the women around them, to feel connected to the earth, and above all to reconnect with their inner goddess and feel like the divine creation that they are.

They can also expect a lot of food, weed, yoga, laughter, and good times.”

The “good times” part includes yoga, massages, painting, belly dancing, herbology, tarot, female sexuality and self-improvement classes, also cannabis panels, karaoke nights, swimming in the pools, hiking and more.

The getaway ticket prices range between $240 and $420 (how fitting) for overnight passes. Accommodation and food are provided and don’t worry, you don’t have to bring your own weed – every participant gets a swag bag with more than $200 worth of cannabis and cannabis products.

The cannabis retreat is LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive, meaning trans women are welcome to attend. Surely, if you’re a guy reading this, you’re probably wondering why is it exclusive to women? Deidra has a great explanation – she tells Huck:

“Women’s relationships are often portrayed by the media as catty and competitive. Cannabis allows you to get real, real quick. It allows women to be candid and honest and skip the small talk.

And this environment of letting your guard down cultivates intimacy and connection and allows us to create a sisterhood that is rooted in authenticity and love.”

Head over to their website to learn more and maybe even purchase the ticket to their next event.


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