Home Press Release Say Hello To Weed-Beer, Which Will Finally Unite Stoners And Beer Lovers!

Say Hello To Weed-Beer, Which Will Finally Unite Stoners And Beer Lovers!

Say Hello To Weed-Beer, Which Will Finally Unite Stoners And Beer Lovers!

If we were to divide ‘getting high’ into two parts, it would clearly be ‘High on Alcohol’ and ‘High on Weed’. It is a known fact that the stoner crowd is a completely different one from the lads who like to spend their parties on pegs and the argument is a really strong one.

However, what if we tell you that we are finally inching closer to a move which can bring both the gangs together? Well, brace yourselves, you’re about to hear something that will bless your ears!

An upstart cannabis company has joined hands with a Canadian university to produce the world’s first beer made from the psychoactive drug.

The step has been fully backed by the government with the Toronto-based Province Brands of Canada being boosted with Can$300,000 (US$233,000) from the Ontario government.

The aim is to make a highly intoxicating brew, which will be safer than alcohol. With their attempt, they will join others such as Canada’s largest pot producer Canopy Growth which partnered with alcohol giant Constellation Brands last year.

It is believed that the beer will be the most popular way to consume Marijuana when Canada legalizes recreational pot use.

Speaking about the same to AFP, Chief executive Dooma Wendschuh said that they are monitored the social behaviours and came up with a solution that matches the same.

“Nobody meets up after work to share a plate of (cannabis-infused) gummy candies. So we’re trying to adapt (our product) to existing social behaviors, like sharing drinks over a conversation.”

He pointed out the psychoactive drugs like alcohol and caffeine are mostly consumed through beverages. Going by the same formula, coming up with a drink that has marijuana will be highly accepted by the mass.

“We consulted with several master brewers at the start and they just laughed at our idea of making beer from cannabis plants.”

Another major problem faced by the team in the process was to sort out the delayed and long lasting effect of pot edibles and beverages. While the effect of alcohol can be felt within minutes, pot edibles take up to two hours to hit and the buzz stays for a stretched period. However, it is believed that the company has found a way to dilute these problems and we are good to go.


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