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Would You Buy A $10,000, 24-Karat Gold Cannabis Cigar?

Would You Buy A $10,000, 24-Karat Gold Cannabis Cigar?

I have been blogging about cannabis since January 2010 and have been a cannabis fan long before that. I have seen many products come and go over the years, with some being more over-the-top than others. But I think I have come across the most over-the-top cannabis product of them all.

A cannabis company has released a 24-karat gold cannabis cigar that sells for an eye-popping $10,000. I personally would never pay that much for a cannabis cigar and would prefer to spend that money on a big bag of flower, some oil, and probably the rest on a car or something. I can’t imagine spending that much money on one cigar.

But, to be fair, I am obviously not the demographic that the company is going for. How about you? Could you see yourself buying this product? Perhaps if you won the lottery? Below is more information about the cigar via a company press release:

It is truly an incredible smoke: 28 grams of sought-after Tangie flower, wrapped in solvent-free hash rosin, then covered in a layer of premium cannabis fan leaves, and finally wrapped in a layer of 24-karat, edible gold leaf. Diego Pellicer – Washington today announced that it has sold its first $10,000 cannagar. While the “El Dorado” Gold Cannagar, commissioned exclusively for Diego Pellicer, has just found a connoisseur to savor it, additional custom-made, one-of-a-kind cannagars can be conjured and ordered from Diego Pellicer in Seattle, 2215 4th Ave S.

“Whether they choose to indulge in a luxurious custom-made cannagar as a keepsake, or savor every moment of its smoke, whomever becomes a caretaker of one of these fine cannagars is in for an experience beyond words,” said Alejandro Canto, chief operating officer, Diego Pellicer – Washington. “Our first commissioned ‘El Dorado’ Gold Cannagar flushes the senses with a tangerine orchard from the Tangie flower while the formidable 15-inch-long cannagar ensures 20 hours of pleasure as smokers sparkle their way to bliss.”

The Cannagar Connoisseur’s Accoutrements
In addition to the best-in-class flower from award-winning Gold Leaf Gardens and striking gold wrapper, the “El Dorado” Gold Cannagar features a 14-karat gold band plus a 24-karat gold cutter and torch all packaged in its own humidor. It has been expertly crafted by Leira and comes with a sealed certificate of authenticity.

“Diego Pellicer is a premium marijuana brand and our customers have come to expect the best,” said Ron Throgmartin, chief executive officer of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., the branding and retail development company for Diego Pellicer – Washington. “This Gold Cannagar is truly the highest quality possible and the essence of what makes the Diego Pellicer experience stand out from the rest.”

In addition to custom cannagars for order, other fine Leira cannagars available at Diego Pellicer in Seattle include; the “Cannarillo,” $100; the “Corona,” $420; and, the “Ambassador,” $1600.


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