Home Headlines New Documentary “The Exit” Shows Cannabis Could Help End The Opioid Crisis

New Documentary “The Exit” Shows Cannabis Could Help End The Opioid Crisis

New Documentary “The Exit” Shows Cannabis Could Help End The Opioid Crisis

Filmed in five major opioid-using communities across Canada, The Exit shows cannabis’ potential as a lifeboat in a time of crisis.

We are pleased to announce the release of a trailer for an Herb original documentary exploring the growing idea that cannabis can be used as an “Exit Drug” to save lives in the opioid crisis. The Exit challenges the debunked theory that cannabis is a “Gateway Drug” by following the people who believe medical cannabis can help end the opioid overdose epidemic.

This documentary has never been more relevant. In 2017 alone, 65,000 people died of opioid overdoses or related causes.

To put that in perspective, more people died last year from opioid overdoses than died at the peak of the AIDS crisis. That makes the opioid death rate higher than car crashes, suicides, and homicides combined.

Increasingly studies are showing that access to medical cannabis is reducing the number of opioid overdose deaths. In response, a growing number of addiction medicine doctors, frontline workers, and those suffering opioid addiction have begun using cannabis as an adjunct treatment for withdrawal and opioid use disorder.

The people suffering from this epidemic aren’t “junkies” dying in back alleys. They are sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers dying in suburbs and cities across the continent. They are people who have been taken advantage of by pharmaceutical companies, and pill mills, or simply vulnerable people who have fallen victim to dire circumstances and eventually themselves.

“While much of the coverage around the opioid crisis has shown the depth of the problem, The Exit provides a potential solution: medical cannabis,” says, Herb CEO Matt Gray.

Moving from East Hastings, Vancouver, a neighborhood devastated by opioid addiction, to the suburban divisions of Ottawa, to the country roads of Orangeville, to the urban sprawl of Toronto, the stories of these unique characters are connected by both the burden of opioid addiction and the relief that they have found in cannabis.

The Exit shows that cannabis can serve as a lifeboat during this public health emergency.

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