Home Celebrity Noah Cyrus—No Joke—Has The Biggest Weed Stash We’ve Ever Seen

Noah Cyrus—No Joke—Has The Biggest Weed Stash We’ve Ever Seen

Noah Cyrus—No Joke—Has The Biggest Weed Stash We’ve Ever Seen

Noah Cyrus chilling on pillows of weed is just what we need right now.

Noah Cyrus has an obscene amount of weed and she doesn’t give a fuck who knows it. On October 19, the pop singer and sister of Miley Cyrus posted a photo of herself kicking back with what looks like—no joke—ten trash bags full of flower. My local dispensary probably doesn’t have that much bud.

In front of her on the coffee table is—what some media outlets—are calling a “giant bong,” but by Herb’s standards is, well, passable. She’s in sweats, leaning back on the bags of weed like they’re pillows. Everything about her body language says: “I’m chilling hard.” “me n all my bffs,” reads the caption. She means the bud, of course.

Cyrus, a Nashville native and the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, dabbled in acting as a child, but only really became known in 2016 when her single “Make Me (Cry)” hit radio waves. The song, co-written and performed with R&B singer Labrinth, made Billboard’s Hot 100, among a number of other charts globally.

These days, the 18-year-old seems to be playing the social media game with more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram. Her account is full of photos of herself in lingerie, flipping the camera off and smoking joints. Hours after she posted about her bags of weed, Cyrus posted another picture of herself in a pale pink bra smoking a joint and drinking a Red Bull. She’s puckering her glossy lips and has her hands in the air. “me giving zero fucks that i piss people off on the internet daily,” she writes.

Despite all the sass, it seems Cyrus really does love her weed. During a Refinery29 interview, she said that her Pax vaporizer is the most important thing in her bag. (Her $1930 Louis Vuitton backpack, mind you.)

She’s not the only one in the family who likes to toke either. Her sister, Miley, frequently posts pictures of herself on social media smoking weed. Noah Cyrus and her ex-boyfriend Lil Xan also gifted dad Billy Ray some pre-rolls and a bong for his birthday. The only thing we want to know is: when’s the next Cyrus reunion?


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