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From 1 Of January Santa Cruz Will Be Selling Recreational Cannabis

SANTA CRUZ >> In two weeks, Santa Cruz County's most valuable crop becomes legal for recreational sale. Local cannabis dispensaries — one of which received almost half of the state's first batch of temporary licenses — say they are ready to roll out the green carpet for adult customers come Jan. 1.

Cannabis Extract Could Be A New Kind Of Treatment For People With Psychosis

A key component of medical marijuana could provide an “entirely new” type of treatment for mental health patients suffering with hallucinations and delusions. The first clinical trial exploring the effects of cannabidiol (CBD), one of the major psychoactive compounds in cannabis, found that it could relieve ...

Marijuana Beer Is here

All right, all right, all right: South Florida’s first marijuana-infused beers are coming to Devour

There Might Be Coming Marijuana Clubs In Massachusetts

Just months after Massachusetts voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, a state agency approved a policy Monday that would allow “marijuana clubs” to operate in the state, according to WBUR, Boston's NPR affiliate. Retail marijuana shops are already set to hit Massachusetts in June 2018, ...

How You Can Get A Medical Cannabis Card

How Do I Get A Medical CardIt’s seldom a highly-preserved course of action that every a particular t

Doctors Support Medical Marijuana For Children With Cancer

An overwhelming majority of health care professionals who care for children with cancer would be wil

Chef Jamie Lewis Talks about Food And Weed

The allure of foodie fandom propelled Jaime Lewis' early career as a professional chef in San Francisco, but a chance encounter inspired a new calling in medicinal cannabis edibles. “I wanted to be a culinary rockstar,” she told The Cannabist over the phone. “I love cooking for people and providing ...

California Weed And Wine Tours

It was the first tour combining wine and weed in California, and the brainchild of Heidi Keyes and Michael Eymer, who run Colorado-based Cannabis Tours. This tour will officially launch in early 2018, when recreational cannabis use becomes legal in many areas of the state. Until then, a medical ...

First Cannabis Drug For Sleep Apnea Might Be Synthetic Cannabis

This month, scientists announced that synthetic cannabis has been shown to help treat sleep apnea symptoms in some patients. Researchers from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Chicago say they found evidence that a type of synthetized version of THC (a compound found in ...

Long Time Cannabis Activist JoAnna McKee Has Passed Away

She and her partner, Stich Miller, founded Seattle's first cannabis co-op, Green Cross Patient Co-Op, in 1993, five years before Washington approved medical marijuana. She had used marijuana to treat debilitating pain from a moped accident and unsuccessful surgeries. After seeing a news report ...