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Florida Governor Signs Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana Use

TALLAHASSEE — Florida patients with certain debilitating diseases will have access to medical marijuana under a bill signed into law by Gov.

Santa Barbara County Asks Cannabis Growers to Register Their Plants Online

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors is encouraging those who have six or more cannabis plants for non-personal use to register the ...

The Impact Recreational Cannabis Legalization will have on Canada

Next year Canada will hit a high no other G7 country has reached: legalizing marijuana as a recreational drug. Fulfilling a campaign promise, Prime ...

New York’s Health Department is Increasing Their State Medical Marijuana Program

The state Department of Health is boosting New York's medical marijuana program to meet growing demand. Effective immediately, nurse ...

Stocks in Marijuana Have Plummeted Due to Recent Statements from The White House

The Trump administration's troubling stance on cannabis policy has sparked a pullback in marijuana stocks, according to New Frontier Data. In 2016 ...

Will Using Bees to Pollinate Cannabis Help to Save the Species?

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, cannabis growers and consumers can take action to support vulnerable bee populations.

Will the Cannabis Industry be Bigger than the NFL?

Statistically, the cannabis industry is experiencing some of the highest growth in the world right now. Legislative efforts across the country have ...

California Startup Making Online Shopping Easier for People in Colorado

BOULDER — An online cannabis marketplace that launched in California is expanding to Colorado to cover the Denver and Boulder markets.

Cannabis Based Oil For Animals Catches on in Oklahoma

Oil made from cannabis plants meant for animals catches on in Oklahoma ... The cannabis plant comes in oil, treats and ointments. It's called CBD oil.

Three Cannabis Recipes for Your Dinner Plans

How about celebrating the next special occasion with a tasty three-course dinner that comes with the