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Medical marijuana is still banned under university rules, but patients will no longer face criminal charges. The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled last week that possessing medical marijuana on college and university campuses across the state is no longer a crime. Arizona previously was the only state where medical marijuana was illegal on college campuses but […]
If you happened to be walking through Westlake Park on the afternoon of March 1, you may have missed the Seattle-area “Tech Employees for Diversity and Inclusion” protest. It was only a handful of people holding signs and chanting: “No hate, no fear, everyone is welcome here!” On Facebook, 334 people said they were interested […]
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is back in the news with comments on marijuana today. On the plus side, as Tom Angell states over at Mass Roots and Russ Belville here at Weed News, the AG agreed that former President Barack Obama’s Cole Memo is “valid” to determine appropriate federal enforcement of cannabis laws. On the horrible side, […]