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Sales are underway for the first CBD drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The drug, Epidiolex, treats two rare types of epilepsy and is made from marijuana plants grown in the United Kingdom. The maker of the medication, GW Pharmaceuticals, has said the tincture would cost about $32,500 a year. U.S. insurance companies […]
With early fall in the air, NYAcres, one of the few companies currently growing legal hemp in NY State, is now harvesting, drying and initiating the extraction process of its hemp harvest and maybe a oncoming of what could become an agricultural economic driver in New York. Hemp cultivation has the most tremendous potential, not […]
Coca-Cola recently expressed interest in the cannabis space. Is a Pepsi cannabis drink next? Pepsi is the latest beverage company to express interest in the cannabis space. Last Tuesday, the drink and snack corporation’s Chief Financial Officer, Hugh Johnston, announced that the company is thinking about getting into cannabis, though PepsiCo.’s plans remain vague. “I […]
Canada is legalizing recreational cannabis for adult use on October 17, so now would be the time to take a college course on cannabis. With Canadian cannabis businesses offering sky-high wages in exchange for expertise, many are now looking for a reliable way to break into the industry. Prospective cannabis industry workers—and the businesses doing […]
In August, the Southern California Terra Tech Corporation, a self-described “vertically integrated cannabis-focused agriculture company,” announced its partnership with a beverage production company, the Valiente Group LLC based in Woodway, Washington. Valiente specializes in cannabis infusions; other than that, it is quite difficult to find out anything about the company. The collaboration between these two companies is […]
Manufacturer GW Pharma saw a bump in stock price following the announcement. The Drug Enforcement Administration placed Epidiolex in Schedule V today, marking the first time any drug derived from any part of the cannabis plant has been rescheduled in the U.S. The news brought an increase in pre-market trading for manufacturer GW Pharma, which […]