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The annual Vancouver Santa Claus Parade might have been the ideal place to light up, however, event organizers asked attendees to light up before or after the parade. “To help families with children enjoy a healthy and smoke-free environment,” one rule reads on the parade’s website, “please refrain from smoking at the parade.” The rule […]
Legalized pot meets performative cooking in a slew of new shows — but is a full weed meal something we should be striving for? There’s something deeply satisfying about getting high and drooling over images of a gorgeous, marijuana-infused dinner — and a new crop of shows offer a look into how these intoxicating feasts are made. […]
CANNABIS CULTURE – While there are a number of local differences, the use of cannabis with a varying intensity has had a time-honored role in many Muslim countries. Mystic use of cannabis continued in Persia through the late Zoroastrian period and into the early Islamic times. The earlier use and its continuation in the early Islamic […]
Ending your dependence on alcohol or drugs is a journey. It’s a “one day at a time” effort. Addiction is not something that starts and stops with the press of a button. It’s an individual’s choice to end the habit, but it requires the support of others. You don’t get over an addiction, but with […]
The rise of national marijuana brands is still a long way off. How is that ever going to change — and do we even want it to? Disclaimer: This column is written for educational purposes only. It does not provide specific legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. This column should not be […]