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The biggest trend hitting the cannabis community is consuming marijuana in a raw state, this means that rather than going through the drying method after the plant is harvested the but is consumed in a natural state as if it were a raw carrot or even like putting kale in a morning smoothie. This trend […]
Stress is something that everyone experiences on a daily basis. Whether it stresses you out to drive to work, your job is stressful, you college course work is piling up, or you are taining a new pet to only potty outside, stress is everywhere all the time. Cannabis has always said to be an anti-anxiety […]
Power is a major cost component in cannabis cultivation. Indoor grow houses require a lot of power for lighting, heating, air conditioning, and cross ventilation. In fact, marijuana cultivation costs $6 billion per year, and the figure is set to rise and more states line up to legalize weed cultivation for medical purposes. The greenhouse […]
Pruning is an easy to acquire skill, and once acquired, it can help you increase the yield from your cannabis cultivation. Pruning is essentially about nudging the plant into utilizing the sunshine and nutrients in a manner that you want it to. Once the cannabis plant begins to appear like a bush, then it is […]
One of the great charms of weed, if users and growers are to be believed, is that different strains produce different effects. One strain may give you a high while another may heighten alertness. The combinations and intensity of effects are the driving forces behind the research behind strain diversity and cloning technology used in […]
Plants are cloned for a number of reasons; cannabis is a plant. It can be cloned. Cloning cannabis offers some serious benefits. The best thing about it is that it is so easily doable. Cloning, a.k.a, asexual reproduction uses rooted cuttings that carry the same genes from the original plant. Cloning can save you money […]
Curing is a food preservation technique that goes back in time. Man has always cured meats and veggies for times when fresh food was scarce. Over time, we learnt that curing not only preserves but also improves flavors. Weed lovers practice curing, and when done right, cured cannabis flowers taste great, their flavors and potency […]