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With the recent explosion of available cannabis products, it was only a matter of time before companies started pitching female-centric items promising everything from more intense orgasms to slinkier sex. Forbes, along with a double-Board-certified physician, and OBGYN Dr. Monica Grover, examine some buzz-worthy cannabis-infused vaginal lubricants. Ponder the questions of whether or not these […]
With more states legally celebrating marijuana’s annual holiday than ever before, pot shops around the country raked in impressive amounts of cash, despite California’s slow sales start. As the smoke starts to clear from last Friday’s worldwide 4/20 celebration, reports from America’s green rush suggest that this year’s annual hash holiday was the most successful […]
This year’s 4/20 gathering is over, but events continue to spill out. And this weekend, Colorado State University-Pueblo will hold a major cannabis confab. Keep reading for our cannabis calendar for the rest of April…and beyond. Monday, April 23 Club Vinyl 1082 Broadway This one-day conference wants to connect visitors with cryptocurrency and legal cannabis, […]
Happy 4/20 Day was a familiar greeting among North State pot users Friday. April 20th is the traditional day for cannabis celebrations, and 4:20 p.m. as a time to toke up, owing to marijuana mythology but it took on a special significance Friday because it’s the first 4/20 when sales and use of recreational marijuana were legal in […]
Millions across the globe enjoy smoking weed and this week is their time to truly celebrate their passion as it is 4/20. Yes, every year on 20 April, doob-lovers everywhere crack out the ganj in epic proportions and enjoy getting stoned with their pals, with perfect strangers, or completely on their own. The biggest event […]
We’re still months away from the expected legalization of marijuana, but a local pot festival is raring to go this weekend. This year’s 420 Music and Arts Fest / Expo runs April 19-21 at Distortion Live music venue at 3828 Macleod Trail. More than 20 acts are expected to play over three nights with music appropriate […]
Long lines are expected at Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries on Friday, the first 420 marijuana holiday in Nevada since recreational sales became legal. Roy Bingham, CEO of the Colorado-based BDS Analytics marijuana research firm, said sales surged 220 percent on April 20 last year at dispensaries in Colorado and Washington. The day — both the […]
The 2018 edition of the healthy lifestyle expo is going extra green with an expanded focus marijuana With Ontario’s provincial government ramping up to legalize marijuana sometime this summer, the phrase “green living” is poised to take on a whole new meaning. For the first time in its 12-year history, the Green Living Show (April […]