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There are a thousand ways to buy weed in New York City, but the Green Angels devised a novel strategy for standing out: They hired models to be their dealers. In the eight years since the group was founded—by a blonde, blue-eyed Mormon ex-model—they’ve never been busted, and the business has grown into a multimillion-dollar […]
Grown by veterans on an Appalachian farm, then woven into American flags. There was a time when the hemp plant was one of the United States’ most important crops. Grown by family farmers and former presidents, marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin has myriad uses, from textiles to fossil fuel alternatives to superfoods. It grows almost anywhere, providing […]
Rocco Ritchie has just made his way onto the ever-growing list of celebrity kids who model. Madonna’s 16-year-old son signed on for this very first campaign this spring, modeling Adidas Originals athletic-wear by Alexander Wang. In the campaign, Rocco showcases his posing skills in two different, street-inspired photos. In the first, he models a green […]
If you hear the word “cannabis,” do your thoughts turn to edibles or a debate about the merits of Premium Jack versus Grape Stomper? Sure, years of popular movies, TV shows and music have elevated the stoner stereotype to the top of the pop culture heap. But cannabis is making its mark in another arena, […]
High-fashion weedicures are in vogue this season. Between Halloween, Election Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, and everything else worth celebrating, you have plenty of excuses to get dolled up. Why not make a statement with a one-of-a-kind, cannabis-infused manicure? Canna-manis are all the rage in weed-friendly states, sparking conversations and inspiring smoke […]
Cannabis products are being marketed successfully and savvy marketers are always on the lookout for newer niches and streams that can be monetized. Fashion is one such niche. Cannabis and fashion are old partners, but what we’re seeing today is a serious mainstreaming of cannabis in the fashion world. Garments and accessories feature cannabis and […]
You thought you had seen it all when it came to absurd Coachella accessories. You thought wrong. Behold: the weed flower crown—the stoner’s answer to the least original item in the lexicon of festival headgear. The smoke piece-turned-headpiece is a product by Lowell Farms, an organic marijuana grower. Amidst the flowers on the headgear lie […]
Walking down Toronto’s Queen West strip, you’ll pass a few decades-old head shops, Shanti Baba and The Friendly Stranger perhaps the most notable among them. Their happy bud signage – melting swirls and mystical icons – and array of psychedelic products are quickly turning into relics in a world where an increasing acceptance toward marijuana […]
The fashion industry has never been one to hide its infatuation with marijuana. Designers like Alexander Wang, Vetements, Jeremy Scott and more have embraced stoner culture in past collections with everything from weed grinder necklaces to pot print motifs. But now, fashion is finally ready to upgrade from cannabis prints to the real deal. Enter […]