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The biggest trend hitting the cannabis community is consuming marijuana in a raw state, this means that rather than going through the drying method after the plant is harvested the but is consumed in a natural state as if it were a raw carrot or even like putting kale in a morning smoothie. This trend […]
Women and Weed The idea that the cannabis industry is a male-driven market is going up in smoke (pun most definitely intended). Thanks to Miley Cyrus, Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, and Rihanna, pot-smoking women becoming more and more visible. The stereotype that only men smoke cannabis is one that needs to be dismantled. It inaccurately reflects market reality and attempts to box […]
Physical exercise is good for the body and mind too. But, it’s also hard work and that’s why many of us simply never even begin with a workout routine. However, given our fast and often unhealthy lifestyles, there is no escaping exercise. If you want to lead a healthy and long life, you have to […]
Cannabis, a.k.a, the holy herb, is held in high esteem by millions who have accorded it mystical powers – powers that can enable people to commune with the divine.   Here are five religions with deep ties to cannabis –         Hinduism – The oldest extant religion in the world, Hinduism accords a special place […]
Marijuana continues to be deemed illegal and dangerous to our health, even today, when many countries have legalized it. What can you do when it’s hard to shake off old beliefs? There are always (at least) two sides to every story when you consider the people who don’t find consuming marijuana unethical, but use is […]
Garnet Ave, Cass St, and Loring St create a triangle in Pacific Beach. This triangle is about 90% of my life. I drive to work on Garnet, Cass St is the road connecting the two gyms, and then I head home on Loring. I do not think there has been a day since I moved […]
THE FIRST TINGLE of THC hits him as he’s stretching his calves. “I’m locked in,” he says, squishing two headphone buds into his ears. “This is going to be a great pace.” The sun hasn’t yet risen over Colorado’s Front Range peaks, but Cliff D. (who asked not to be named), like many working-stiff triathletes, […]