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In the good old days, say five years ago, you knew you could fire your pothead employees. The rules were simple. You adopted a strict “No Drugs” policy, required drug testing and then booted all of the stoners who failed a drug test. It even felt a little patriotic—like you were helping clean up America’s […]
With cannabis commercializing, there will come a time when marketing analytics take over. We’re not there yet, but analysists will be counting sales and predicting trends in seeds, strains, edibles, and more. Right now, we depend on word-of-mouth and exchanges at trade shows to identify the most popular strains. There’s no standardized counting mechanism, no […]
In this Article we talk about why people uses CBD. So less about studies on a possible therapeutic use of CBD, but for what reason most people use it. What is the purpose of using CBD and why do people use it. This is an important topic, because CBD is often claimed to be useful […]
Cannabis plants as Bonsai? Bonsai is something that fascinates people, and this fascination has led to several jokes and hoaxes on the internet. The Bonsai kitten (little kitten held for years in small glass jars) is probably the #1 story in this category, it was even investigated by the FBI, and luckily turned out to […]
As more and more states approve the legalization of cannabis for medical and/or recreational use, savvy entrepreneurs are launching businesses to capture a piece of the new “green rush.” If you’re seeking to break into this dynamic, fast-growing industry, you should start by understanding the fundamentals of how cannabis is brought to market. Below are […]
SunBlazed and the cannabis company is finding ways to give back to the community—without involving marijuana. The group scattered, translucent green trash bags in hand, across the sand as the sun began setting against the Pacific Ocean. They had met at Venice Beach’s famed graffiti wall for Island Cannabis Co.’s latest beach clean-up event. The cannabis product […]
As more and more states legalize the growing of marijuana, cannabis farmers are looking for ways to maximize their yield, increase profits, and stay competitive in this booming market. Commercial growers have long grappled with whether to grow their cannabis crops indoors or outdoors. Set up a warehouse, where you can have complete environmental control, […]
Kolabtree, a freelancing platform for Ph.D. scientists has reported that a growing number of organizations are seeking the assistance of freelance scientists in relation to the commercialization of cannabis products. “We have seen a considerable increase in the number of cannabis projects over the last year. These have come predominantly from startups looking to make CBD food and healthcare products,” […]