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Today, the House appropriations committee for the first time heard and passed language, known as the Joyce amendment, to restrict funding for the Department of Justice to prosecute state-legal medical marijuana programs. “Today marks a victory for medical marijuana programs and a loss for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Passage of this amendment through regular order […]
A local municipal councillor wants Chatham-Kent to be “ahead of the curve” when it comes to preparing for the legalization of marijuana. Chatham-Kent Councillor Doug Sulman’s motion for staff to prepare a report on its plan to handle the coming legalization of marijuana was approved unanimously at Monday night’s council meeting. Topics to be addressed […]
Medical marijuana is evolving in Georgia. Here’s what became legal in the Peach State this week. After months of working its way to Governor Nathan Deal’s desk, a new bill hoped to add intractable pain and PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Georgia. And yesterday, Governor Deal signed the bill […]
What if I told you a drug was involved in more homicides than any other, and by an eye-popping 40 percent of those incarcerated for violent crimes? The same drug was used in nearly half of drownings and just under 10,000 vehicular homicides annually. One might assume the government would ban the drug and dish […]
Going green has taken on a new meaning in the U.S. Thirty states plus the District of Columbia now allow legal use of medical marijuana. Eight of those states, along with D.C., also have legalized recreational use of marijuana. The numbers in both categories could be higher in the not-too-distant future. Two states appear to […]
For the first time ever, a legislative committee has approved a bill that would bring legalized, recreational marijuana to Connecticut.  The idea has gained momentum because Massachusetts is on the verge of starting legal marijuana in less than 3 months. The vote in the Appropriations Committee was 27 to 24 in favor of getting started […]
Over the objections of law enforcement and health officials, a second House committee approved a bill Wednesday that would legally allow some Tennesseans to use medical cannabis. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Jeremy Faison, R-Crosby, would give those suffering from roughly a dozen maladies a legal defense if they are arrested and prosecuted for having cannabis, provided they have a […]