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From cannabis Keurig pods to sodas, these are the best weed drinks. Instead of sipping on some beer at your next party, why not try a cannabis cocktail? Cannabis is generally recognized as a safer alternative to alcohol and, now, enjoying your favorite herb has just gotten easier. There is big interest a-brewing in cannabis-infused […]
Which is the better experience? Eating or smoking your cannabis? “Better” is in the mind of the user, but the experiences are clearly different. They’ll both get you high in different ways, and there is no reason you cannot do both. Old school stoners have trouble getting past smoking. They might vary their strains or […]
All the good stuff just gets better It’s a familiar feeling for many who use marijuana: once you imbibe and the plant starts working its magic, every action of your day is made exponentially better with every hit. Pick up your perfect strain(s) and re-experience the following 7 ways that marijuana enhances day to day […]
Bad things happen when you combine cannabis and alcohol. Innumerable cannabis users use cannabis with alcohol. It may only be a with a glass of wine among friends at dinner or paired with a bourbon that seems to flatter the cannabis strain’s taste. The U.S. National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH, 2016) estimated that about […]
When it comes to using CBD, questions keep coming up, especially from people who try CBD for the first time. Since there are different CBD products and because CBD can be used in different ways, the question of how to use CBD oil is quite legitimate.  What CBD products are available, how they can be […]
Have a happy and high “Halloweed” with these 10 spooky buds. Halloween is not only the best holiday if you love candy, costumes, and spooky stuff (and who doesn’t?) but it gives weed-lovers the chance to unapologetically devour chocolate, dress like a life-sized joint, and wander a haunted house super baked. Regardless of how you spend […]
Men and women’s brains are different. This is not unique to humans, but instead is pervasive throughout the animal kingdom. Sex differences can be found at all levels, from the brain cell through behavior of the entire organism, and these differences impact how the different sexes respond to everything from stress to drugs—including cannabis. For decades, pre-clinical cannabis research […]
Cannabis aficionados have long believed that a nice buzz can make things significantly more steamy in the bedroom. Now researchers are going beyond anecdotal evidence to determine if, how, and why this is happening. So far their results are encouraging. A research study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, entitled the “Association Between Marijuana Use […]
If you have consumed cannabis often enough, then you have likely been in a situation where you needed to mask the smell of cannabis smoke or vapor. This could be the case if a person lives in a dorm or apartment, or perhaps they are in a hotel room. I am not ashamed of the […]
This weekend I attended the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) after party in Portland, Oregon. The ICBC’s after parties are notorious for being off the hook, and the Portland after party was no exception. DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill DJ’d the event and tore the roof off of the building, and NBA legend Clifford ‘Uncle Spliffy’ Robinson was in […]