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All cannabis varieties are named. Where did these names originate, and what do they signify to consumers today? Since the early 20th century, cannabis has been smuggled into the hands of Western consumers. Little, if any, marijuana was grown in Europe and North America until the 1960s, and domestically grown “sinsemilla” flowers first appeared in […]
In the past year, two new documentaries have highlighted the rise of cannabis medicine for treating cancer and women’s leadership in the growing legal industry. According to the filmmakers, however, online censorship and business stigma are creating a smokescreen between the films’ hard-fought messages and the public they’re meant to reach. Directors Abby Epstein and Windy Borman say […]
An obstructionist governor has drastically slowed the already complicated process of creating a regulatory structure from scratch. Amid headlines about marijuana legalization getting approved by voters this fall in the Midwest and unlikely places like Utah, a question remains: Whatever happened to marijuana in Maine? If efficiency and effectiveness are the standard for grading how […]
As Marijuana and CBD have become more and more popular due to the health benefits from using both, there has been a higher demand for products that allow one to enjoy the benefits of their concentrates and herb. An Online Headshop is a great place to shop from when looking for these kinds of products. There are […]
Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc. has announced plans to develop a cryptocurrency payment product for cannabis dispensaries. The company intends to offer this product to address financial challenges in the dispensary market, such as a lack of support from traditional banks, according to a press release. The product will enable customers to pay for cannabis products using cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. The […]
Restrictions on cannabis advertising are pushing companies to find creative ways to reach consumers. Changes in the cannabis industry are occurring at light speed, and perhaps none so fast as in the marketing space. Remember when cannabis ads showed up in our social media feeds, and then, in what seemed like five minutes later, Facebook/Instagram […]
Managing cannabis compliance has been a complicated process for many marijuana retailers in medical and recreational markets. While many of the legal states in the U.S. have very similar regulations, each state has their own compliance nuances. IndicaOnlinehas recently developed comprehensive compliance tools within their dispensary point of sale software that sales and inventory reporting for […]
Altitude Products’ CEO Krista Whitley discusses the federal government’s proposed rules and how common-sense regulation may help advance other markets and normalize cannabis consumption. Canada’s newest proposed regulations on packaging may have been influenced by established and regulated American markets, but could also end up advancing U.S. cannabis reform and influencing consumer consumption. That’s according to Krista […]