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tökr empowers consumers by allowing them to discover safe, quality, licensed products based on their lifestyle preferences and directing them to the nearest legal dispensaries LOS ANGELES-After recently launching in Los Angeles, the free cannabis health and wellness app tökr is now available to all legal dispensaries throughout California. tökr provides a user-friendly platform for […]
he Pennsylvania Department of Health has issued new regulations for medical marijuana clinical research programs. The regulations, released Friday, outline the process for an accredited medical school with an acute care hospital to become an approved “Academic Clinical Research Center” that can engage in medical marijuana-related research projects with “clinical registrants,” an entity that can […]
The floodgates opened Tuesday at the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission as two lawsuits were filed against it and letters continued pouring in protesting the commission’s process for licensing the state’s first legal cannabis growers. The deluge of legal complaints by rejected marijuana cultivation applicants has long been expected by industry insiders, and they came on […]
When talking about the fastest-growing industries in North America, marijuana is often near or at the top of the list. According to recently released data from cannabis research firm ArcView, in partnership with BDS Analytics, the legal weed industry in North America is projected to grow by a whopping 28% per year through 2021. If […]
Story Highlights: The brain goes through critical periods of development during childhood and adolescence, and exposure to THC during this time is an environmental risk factor for schizophrenia. While some studies claim that cannabis use plays a causal role in schizophrenia development, it can’t be ruled out that those who are more likely to develop […]
"Physicians who specialize in the field of examining, diagnosing and treating epilepsy, must register with the Department of Public Safety's Compassionate Use Program, and can then develop a treatment program for patients and prescribe medical cannabis oil through the Compassionate Use Registry ...
States where people can legally access marijuana through dispensaries see dramatically reduced opioid overdose death rates, new federally-funded research shows. “In short, our findings that legally protected and operating medical marijuana dispensaries reduce opioid-related harms suggests that ...
US Attorney Billy Williams told law enforcement representatives from across the US on Friday that the state, where recreational cannabis use is legal, had a .... seizing marijuana produced in Oregon, while postal agents have intercepted more than 2,600 pounds of pot and $1.2 million in associated cash.