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The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the state can’t criminally charge public college students for having and using marijuana on campus if they have a medical marijuana card. The high court said a 2012 law banning medical marijuana on college campuses violated the Arizona Constitution’s protections for voter-approved laws. The court also vacated a marijuana possession conviction for […]
If approved by the FDA, this cannabidiol-based drug may have an opportunity to (partially) reform federal law. Every time we turn around, the marijuana industry seems to be making history. Earlier this year, Cronos Group became the very first over-the-counter-listed pot stock to uplist to a more reputable exchange — the Nasdaq. In January, Vermont became the ninth […]
A majority of cannabis dispensaries in Colorado recommended their products to women posing as pregnant customers with morning sickness, clashing with doctors’ warnings about the potential harms, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. Of 400 randomly selected dispensaries in Colorado, about seven in 10 recommended cannabis products as a treatment for […]
HARTFORD, Conn. – It might not be an all out cure for the opioid epidemic, but it could put a small dent in the numbers. Two recent studies have shown that medical marijuana states have less opioids. Dr. Bill Zempsky with the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center said, “Those states, pre-and post, before they had medical marijuana […]
Nearly 13% of the US population is on prescription antidepressants. Although cannabis has been known to alleviate bouts of situational depression in people since the dawn of time, there are those who need a little additional help combating this blue world. Some of the latest data shows that nearly 13 percent of the US population […]
Philadelphia’s first-ever medical marijuana dispensary has opened its doors. Restore Integrative Wellness Center at 957 Frankford Ave. in Fishtown held its grand opening party May 2, culminating a process that began with the state law allowing cannabis to be prescribed for a list of specific conditions getting signed into law on April 27, 2016. Principal […]
’ve worked for 20 years with people who use cannabis to address medical conditions, illness, and injuries, and among the top three things that people hope to treat with cannabis is nausea. People undergoing chemo and radiation treatments use it to treat the vomiting and severe nausea that can be a common side effect. Much […]
More than 87 percent of medical marijuana users report smoking or ingesting it for pain-related conditions. Yet for many, the cognitively impairing properties of its active ingredient, THC, make cannabis impractical as an everyday painkiller. A new, first-of-its kind study by CU Boulder researchers suggests that legal market cannabis strains containing a lesser-known compound called cannabidiol […]