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The substitution effect: More people are making the switch to marijuana Could cannabis be a helping hand to alcoholics? If possible, it could be a watershed moment for themany as 33 million Americans who struggle with alcohol use disorder. Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive drug in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that […]
Two years ago, the people of Florida overwhelmingly voted to approve Amendment 2, creating a constitutional right for those with medical conditions to seek treatment through medical marijuana. Two years later — where are we now? There are now over 150,000 patients licensed to use medical marijuana in the state of Florida. Most of the […]
The Johnstown company demonstrated at an administrative hearing that its application should have received additional points for its pesticide plan. Confusion over Ohio Grown Therapies’ pesticide plan in its initial application for a Level 1 medical marijuana cultivation license nearly lost the Johnstown company entry into Ohio’s nascent market, until the Department of Commerce reevaluated the business’s […]
Safe, convenient and less stigma-inducing, cannabis capsules seem to have it all. Encouraging, but like everything else cannabis-related, there’s a downside Earlier this year, three major cannabis producers introduced another innovative product to the market: cannabis capsules. MedReleaf Corp. and CanniMed by Aurora received Health Canada approval to sell cannabis oil soft-gel capsules, and CannTrust Holdings Inc. announced a range […]
Families of children with epilepsy say they are devastated after being denied prescriptions for medicinal cannabis. A law change on 1 November was designed to allow a small number of patients to be prescribed cannabis-based products by specialist doctors in the UK. The United Patients Alliance (UPA) said the new prescribing rules were unclear. NHS England […]
From a tight cramping in the arm to a tweaked back after a hard workout to a sudden “Charlie horse” in your calf muscle, we’ve all experienced a muscle spasm or cramp from time to time. But sometimes muscle spasms are chronic and debilitating, as with diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy, amyotrophic […]