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Stress is something that everyone experiences on a daily basis. Whether it stresses you out to drive to work, your job is stressful, you college course work is piling up, or you are taining a new pet to only potty outside, stress is everywhere all the time. Cannabis has always said to be an anti-anxiety […]
After Jeff Sessions became Donald Trump’s choice as attorney general, there was a lot of speculation over the extent to which the stern drug warrior might make life difficult for producers and consumers of cannabis in the growing number of states that had decided on legalizing recreational marijuana use. Sessions was a bit evasive on […]
Weed makes you hungry; you’ve always known it. But now, researchers have the necessary evidence and a firm understanding of how it happens. Experiments at the Yale School of Medicine showed that rodents fed weed began feeling hungry instead of sated. THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, worked on the appetite center of the […]
Cannabidiol, a compound found in cannabis, may be able to save lives. It has been found to reduce by half the number of seizures suffered by those with Dravet Syndrome. This form of epilepsy is particularly dangerous because two out of ten sufferers die before they reach twenty years. The seizures are severe and may […]
The United States, Canada, and Brazil are reeling from an epidemic of drug abuse. Of the estimated 21 million cocaine addicts in the world, most are present in these three countries. Painkillers and crack cocaine lead to deaths from overdose and complications arising from addiction. Plus, the mode of consumption with crack is often responsible […]
Looks like weed is indeed the wonder plant that Rastafaris claim it to be. Research carried out on older mice has shown that THC in cannabis improved their learning abilities and memory. After being dosed with THC, older mice displayed similar powers of recollection as younger rodents. The results of the study have been published […]