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Families of children with epilepsy say they are devastated after being denied prescriptions for medicinal cannabis. A law change on 1 November was designed to allow a small number of patients to be prescribed cannabis-based products by specialist doctors in the UK. The United Patients Alliance (UPA) said the new prescribing rules were unclear. NHS England […]
From a tight cramping in the arm to a tweaked back after a hard workout to a sudden “Charlie horse” in your calf muscle, we’ve all experienced a muscle spasm or cramp from time to time. But sometimes muscle spasms are chronic and debilitating, as with diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy, amyotrophic […]
Cannabis can kills cancer in the lab so researchers are now hoping they’ll discover a breakthrough proving it kills brain cancer cells in live patients. Cannabis kills brain cancer cells in petri dishes so Australian researchers are embarking on a clinical trial to determine if it kills those cells in live patients too. Up to […]
Veterans Administration doctors will be able to recommend their patients use the drug in states where it is legal US lawmakers have passed a measure to allow Veterans Administration doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients in states where the drug is legal. The bill was introduced by Democrat Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and acts […]
Doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis products to patients from 1 November, the Home Secretary Sajid Javid says. The new regulations apply to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Mr Javid decided to relax the rules on when cannabis products could be given to patients after a review into medicinal cannabis earlier this year. This […]
Manufacturer GW Pharma saw a bump in stock price following the announcement. The Drug Enforcement Administration placed Epidiolex in Schedule V today, marking the first time any drug derived from any part of the cannabis plant has been rescheduled in the U.S. The news brought an increase in pre-market trading for manufacturer GW Pharma, which […]