WEST DOVER — Organizers behind The Original Green Mountain Cannabis and Music Festival aren’t giving up despite some challenges along the way. “Social media platforms have flagged our content as mature simply over the use of the word cannabis in our domains!” says a post on the event’s Facebook page. “With prohibition ending July 1 […]
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Music plays a beautiful role in heightening and broadening our perceptions when we take weed, or even alcohol. Ghazals sound that much more ethereal after a beer. Once THC works its magic, time and our consciousness expand to envelope thoughts and an inspirational understanding of music and poetry occurs. Your favorite singer’s music sounds much […]
This New York City-based entrepreneur is the co-founder, alongside his wife Stephanie, of Chef for Higher, which hosts meticulously curated cannabis-infused dinners for enthusiasts and their curious friends. But before leaping into the industry, Mike was a music industry fixture with humble beginnings. Whether he was sneaking into a music convention, The Gavin, where he […]
Orange County and Long Beach brought the party to the desert this year in terms of weed. Last weekend Irvine-based ganja-monolith, Weedmaps, held their private Marijuana-Oasis party where flower-crowns strewn with nugs and pre-packed joints were given away. This weekend Irvine-based Culinary & Cannabis threw CannaSpa, a cannabis infused dining and spa experience, in a […]