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Music plays a beautiful role in heightening and broadening our perceptions when we take weed, or even alcohol. Ghazals sound that much more ethereal after a beer. Once THC works its magic, time and our consciousness expand to envelope thoughts and an inspirational understanding of music and poetry occurs. Your favorite singer’s music sounds much […]
This New York City-based entrepreneur is the co-founder, alongside his wife Stephanie, of Chef for Higher, which hosts meticulously curated cannabis-infused dinners for enthusiasts and their curious friends. But before leaping into the industry, Mike was a music industry fixture with humble beginnings. Whether he was sneaking into a music convention, The Gavin, where he […]
Orange County and Long Beach brought the party to the desert this year in terms of weed. Last weekend Irvine-based ganja-monolith, Weedmaps, held their private Marijuana-Oasis party where flower-crowns strewn with nugs and pre-packed joints were given away. This weekend Irvine-based Culinary & Cannabis threw CannaSpa, a cannabis infused dining and spa experience, in a […]
A mother or father traveling through American life with their children planted in the backseat of their car will often times change the tunes on the radio from rap and hip-hop to so-called “safer” genres, like jazz or country music. Many parents figure exposing their offspring to certain types of music will also introduce them […]